Monday, June 20, 2016

Flowers in Watercolor~

Happy First Day of Summer!!
Hope you enjoyed a nice Father's Day weekend with your family and friends.

The temps are soaring here in Texas
and now it is a challenge to keep the flowers going strong.
The ole water meter is going round and round in our attempt to keep the flowers
alive and pretty.
My trusty large umbrella is a big help.
I simply open it up and place it by flowers in the direct sun.
It really helps to shade and give the blooms a little relief from the heat.
I move it around through the day where needed.

Speaking of flowers~~~
Here is a little share from the past giving flower photos a watercolor edit.


Recently I cut a few long stems from my garden to bring inside and enjoy.

Lovely blooms of pink, red and yellow.

Using my photo programs, I created a pretty watercolor of this bouquet.

I use PicMonkey, or for quicker edits, PhotoScape.

Each has it's own specialties.

Here's another idea~

The photo was a little blurred.

  But perfect as a watercolor.

Lastly, a little bouquet of knock out roses in my kitchen.

Becomes a watercolor perfect for a little frame.

These watercolors were all completed using PicMonkey.
If you use this program and do not know how to get this look,
open the edits section under Effects then scroll to Posterize.
I had to experiment a lot to find this for watercolor. 
You would never think posterize would contain this edit, but it does.

From there you can raise or lower the percentages and degree of the changes for the intensity,
then save your work.

In PicMonkey, 
I have the Royale version
 which is a pay every two years program for the more involved edits. 
I'm not sure the free program has this edit version for watercolor
but if you use PicMonkey you can try and see.

Have a great first week of summer and thanks for stopping by.

See you next week.

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Southern and Saucer Magnolias

This time of year, our Southern Magnolia Tree is gorgeous. 
For the most part these trees only share a few blooms at once
lasting just about one or two days.
It is very rare to see the tree full of blooms at once.

Our Magnolia is a tall beauty and stands in our front yard.
 The blooms are as large as a dinner plate and the scent is heavenly.
This tree inspires me to paint the large white blooms.

We planted this gorgeous tree 16 years ago
when we re-landscaped our garden.

Each season I try and save the magnolia cones when they drop for decorating.
They make great accents in seasonal craft projects
to spray paint and glitter. 
Often times I float the flowers in the pool.

At Christmas, I use the leaves to create wreaths and garland.

Another specimen in the Magnolia tree family
is the
 Saucer Magnolia.
This is our tree from the back garden.
It has a much smaller trunk and I keep this one cut like a topiary.

Saucer Magnolias have small pink or white flowers blooming only in the spring.
The Saucer Magnolia drops it's leaves in late fall
while the Southern Magnolia keeps it's leaves in winter and stays green.

The Southern  and Saucer Magnolias 
North Texas!

Thanks for stopping by~
See you next week!

Celestina Marie