Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pumpkin Pretty with Burlap

Last weekend we went out to one of my favorite design markets.
It used to be called Garden Ridge, but recently changed their name to
At Home!

This place has acres of decorative stuff!!
Rows and aisles, walls filled and room displays and accessories of all kinds.
If you can imagine an idea, it will probably be there.

Forgot my camera and could not get good pics with my phone, 
but imagine a football field with home decor departments from one
goal post to the other.

Anyway, I purchased some great finds and will share those in another post,
but today I want to share a burlap pumpkin.
Very plain burlap
 the best part,
no burlap odor.
I only found one.
The lack of the aroma is probably the reason they were sold out.
Let's face it,
we love burlap but not always the scent on some fabrics.

So home this little treasure came.
you guessed it, a redesign.

I gathered my supplies.
Fabric fall leaves, ribbon, paper flowers, crocheted flower,
glitter, hot glue and a graphic for a tag.

I placed the leaves right over the burlap leaves and lined with a row of glitter glue.

Added ribbon and paper flowers, crocheted in white and a few pearls.

Added a tag created from a graphic
courtesy of

Finished and ready to enjoy with other fall neutrals.

Fall Flowers~

Decorating books for cozy afternoons~

Layers of tone on tone, has stolen my heart!
I love brown transferware anytime of the year,
but especially in the fall.

This pumpkin was under 5 dollars
to purchase and recreate.

Can you imagine this market at Christmas?
Looking forward to viewing the many ideas when I return later in the season.

Thanks for stopping by.
Wishing you 
Southern DayDreams.

Have a Blessed Weekend!

Celestina Marie

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rainy Day Creating

What did we do before the Dollar Stores?
On a recent visit, I found some great little pumpkins
ready to finish with accents and trims.

I had an idea
 to decorate a few to display in my vintage Blue Willow cups under cloches
in a corner hutch.

To begin,
I purchased 3 little light weight pumpkins
topped with a fall flower and a few berries.
Cost 3 dollars.
To these I added glitter on the pumpkins in a dot pattern, added old buttons, vintage  lace, paper roses
and glitter outlining the leaves.

Cost, 0 dollars as these were in my crafting stash.

Next I added a little Halloween tag to each
courtesy of
Cost 0 dollars.

Here they are in the cups, under the cloches,
displayed on the hutch,
Cost 0 dollars.

Love the simple uncluttered look.


And for one last Dollar Store Craft.
I purchased a 10 inch grapevine wreath.
Cost 1 dollar.
A garland vine of leaves.
Cost 1 dollar.

Wrapped the vine around the wreath.

Added a little sign repainted from my stash and a few leaves I had on hand.
Cost 0 dollars.
Total cost 2 dollars to complete.
You could add anything you have on hand if you don't paint.
A graphic glued to a piece of wood,
a bow, or maybe a few pumpkin picks.

Here's where I placed my rainy day craft.

These ideas from items purchased from the Dollar stores
are great craft projects for the kids too.
Fun to do on a rainy afternoon.
Great for us big kids too!!

Have you created any rainy day crafts lately?
Have fun.

Thank you for stopping by and your comments.
See you soon.

Happy Creating!
Celestina Marie

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Simplifying Autumn

 Autumn's simple decor has caught my attention this season.

It seems each year, I have been adapting to a "less is more" style.

It's so refreshing to simplify.

A cozy corner filled with fall flowers in a tall pitcher.

A French style pumpkin sitting on a bench by the window.
A glowing candle wrapped with fall leaves.

An old barrel stave I hand painted with a scarecrow many years ago.
He fills a quiet corner in my kitchen.
The pumpkin with the glowing smile is at the bottom of the stave. The vintage towel and flowers
grace a vintage crock my grandmother used to make green tomatoes many years ago.
You see a bit of lavender near by.
One of my favorite simply autumn treasures.
Lovely autumn plate with sweet critters gathering in the yard.
If you look close you can see them enjoying the sunshine.
I love the sweet cottage.

Special and simple touches using one of my favorite greenware pitchers
for a simplified  centerpiece on the kitchen table.

How about you~ are you decorating with less?
Do you simplify your spaces?
Are you simplifying autumn?

Be Blessed,
Celestina Marie

I'll be back to share a  rainy day craft next time.