Monday, September 19, 2016

The Little Red Truck's in Town

Hi Friends,
Hope you enjoyed a nice weekend.

Fall will arrive this week and we sure hope it brings some cooler temps
here in the Lone Star State.

Well, looks like the pumpkin truck pulled up with
pumpkins for sale.
what a good price too.

I'll be purchasing a few to decorate the outdoors
along with a few faux styles.
I better hurry before they're all gone.

With the new season arriving this week we sure hope it brings
cooler temps.

We long to do some
patio sitting, outdoor dining,
walking in the park,  treasure junkin, enjoying one pot meals
and taking part in 
all the beauty Autumn days have to offer.

Are you ready??


In just 2 weeks, please join us
and visit
a blog hop home tour
presented by
Katie from
Let's Add Sprinkles
as she hosts 20 plus bloggers sharing
the fall season,
October 3rd through the 7th

Happy Fall Ya'll

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Monday, September 12, 2016

On a Pumpkin Roll

Hi Friends~
The last week has been all about fall pumpkins
and I know many of you are beginning to pull out your fall decor
and transform your spaces with a touch of autumn.

I love to decorate for fall and 
I've been having so much fun designing pumpkins this season
 to fill the shelves of my shop.

Here are a just a few creations.
Starting with some wood block designs.

My talented guy cut some large blocks from wood
with added peg knobs for the stem.

I painted these with Waverly chalk paint in a pumpkin color
added dark wax, distress and embellishments.

These next few were created last year
but thought them worth sharing again.

I used Dollar Tree Pumpkins.

Added more accents to the top and glitter dots to the body of the pumpkin.

They were all fun to create and the added tags make them extra special.

These little sweeties are created using  old sweaters in ivory with real dried pumpkin stems.

This larger pumpkin was designed using flannel fabric and lace, jute and a dove charm.

Another sweater pumpkin with a flower added and created from a vintage pattern
lace and burlap stem. 

Here are a couple mini sweater set pumpkins also with real dried pumpkin stems.
Tied with lace ribbon and complete.

This little cutie is designed using a vintage spool of thread.

Jute for a stem with wire and burlap accent flowers and leaves complete this pumpkin.

Adding a little tag gives it a finish.

This pumpkin is a large style faux pumpkin hand painted with a flying witch silhouette
The design was adapted from 
The Graphics 

This Trick or Treat tag was also added from The Graphics Fairy.

Lastly, I have sewn and designed lots of fabric styles this year and had so much fun.

Here are a few styles.

Notice the little paper bird sitting on the top of the ticking pumpkin.

I also designed the Farmers Market sign using the same chalk paint
by Waverly with dark wax and distress.

This little rose bud pumpkin can go right into Christmas.

Gingham checks in black with a little tag that says,
a wonderful Life.

I love to add these little wood tags.
This one says, embrace today!

And, I had to add a few pink for my shabby gals.

The pink wood tag says,
peace, hope and love!

Little furry fabric pumpkin with silk rose and leaves.

Some roses trailing on a ballet pink pumpkin.
Shabby and pink chic.

Ivory shabby rose pumpkin with heart grapevine wreath and roses.

White cork pumpkin.
I found a bag of corks at Kirkland's and it was filled with enough to make several pumpkins
and a few Christmas trees too.

and before I go, here's another little set of cork pumpkins
decorating my kitchen,

Many of these post pumpkins found new homes to decorate already but 
I still have plenty filling the shelves in my shop

To create your own pumpkins,
 visit one of my Pumpkin Tutorials.  HERE

Have a great week and THINK FALL!!

See you next time.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

New from The Pumpkin Patch and a Tutorial For You!

Hi Friends and Happy September!

Hope you enjoyed a nice long holiday weekend 
for Labor Day!

I'm back in the studio this week after a much needed break and getaway.
It was a wonderful week away 
and I'm doing better with my overused painting and computer arm
doing therapy and icing 3 times a day.
I have to limit my computer time to heal 
so if I'm slow to get around to visit, 
you know why.

Like most of you,
I've also been fall decorating and having fun transforming
Rose Garden Cottage into a fall haven!

Today I have a few pumpkins to share from my little pumpkin patch filling the shelves
in my shop, Rose Garden Market.
Many more styles and sizes are also available in pretty cotton fabrics as well.

These little treasures are created from a variety of fabrics in velour, velvet, knit fabrics and sweaters
I've used real pumpkin stems and wood tree stems cut from short branches.

Here are the directions to create this little gem.

First I made two templates in cardboard from an 8 and 10 inch plate.

I like to use aquarium gravel for weight.
This can be found at any pet store. 
It's clean, dust free and small in size so it doesn't show through the fabrics.

Along with the gravel, I use poly-fill for the stuffing.

I like to use real pumpkin stems when I can 
along with wood tree stems cut from branches,
 cinnamon sticks, jute stems and wood dowels.
Even a vintage spoon can be centered for a stem.
The wood pieces below
 can be found at Hobby Lobby.
The real stems are sold on ebay from folks who farm and grow pumpkins.

Next I cut velour fabric in 8" and 10" rounds using the templates.

With a running stitch  about 1/4" in along the edge of the fabric, I use
coat thread or embroidery floss for a strong hold~
 when pulling together for stitching and closing.

After the running stitch is complete, I add the gravel in the bottom.
A few handfuls is enough to give the lightweight pumpkin some weight.

On top of the gravel, I then add the poly-fill and pull tight the thread to close the opening
and stitch closed.
This step usually requires a back and forth stitch a few times to close for a tight
flat finish.

At this point the stem and trims are added.

For this one I added a wood branch stem and hot glued in place.

A brown sheer ribbon, with acorn button and little stem sign completes this pumpkin.

Here are a few more in brown using real pumpkin stems.

Another with knit fabric.

Blue velour~

Grey velour~

Sweater fabric~

Furry Fabric~

 and black velvet~

This pattern design is easy and quick
I have another pattern created last year
and I'll share that one next time.

Hope you try this little pumpkin.
The sky's the limit to the fabrics you can use
along with the stems and trims.

Have fun!!

See you next week.

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