Thursday, March 26, 2015

Good Fences

Hi Friends
Welcome to Thursday's
 Good Fences.

Happy Spring
Thank you for the comments on my spring cleaned Library
emails asking for the paint color and molding paint accent.

Typically here in Texas,
you might see a gate entrance like this~

Brick columns and stone lions like this~

Long gravel and dirt driveway entries like this~

And spring has sprung with green grass like this.

With warmer and longer days

we are 

So Happy to Welcome the new season.


See you next time.


Celestina  Marie

Monday, March 23, 2015

One Room at a Time

Hi Friends~

Happy Spring!
Hope you enjoyed a great first spring weekend.

In my plans to spring clean, reorganize and change up decor  for the season,
I started with my library/family room 
started cleaning one room at a time.

My goal was to take out all the books from the shelves.

Dust and clean each one.

Organize in piles with book topics.

I have story books and novels, biographies,
gardening and flower books, health, home decor and decorating,
science, how to's, spiritual, political and cook books.

Sort through and box up those for Good Will.

What a job, but so nice to have this done, cleaned and organized back to this.

I love closing off the TV when you don't want to see it in the room.

It would have been nice to layer a few books on their sides,
adding some decor and interest to the shelves
this style and the many books here, just doesn't look right that way.

So keeping a true library look was the way to go
for this reorganized room.

Next came the rest of the room for a spring clean.

Keeping it light and bright for reading 
and lowering the lights for watching TV or movies.

I love to decorate with books and especially vintage books so 
a few find their way for accents around the room.

The colors here are a mix of browns, black, tan and ivory
and then for the seasons, I add a pop of color to the neutrals.
This spring I've added shades of rust, rose and spring green.

The wall color is maple sugar, like a neutral light tan.

It goes with everything and really pops next the the wood work and moldings.

The inset color near the ceiling is a cocoa brown.

Mr. LJ added the new window treatment rod
and I popped up some new large rod styled drapes.
Great for closing on really HOT Texas days.

So glad to have this project marked off the
spring clean list.

The floors are hand scraped and a distressed oak like the cabinets.

I searched for 3 months to find just the right color wood for these floors.

This is the only room of cabinets in the house I haven't painted to a lighter color.

The wood tone for this room just feels more like a library, so it stays.

Are you spring cleaning and rearranging?

Changing up your rooms with fresh new looks?

I guess I get spring fever this time of year 
make room for change,
One Room at a Time!!

See you next time as I move along to the dining room.

Celestina Marie


Saturday, March 21, 2015

First Blooms and Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!

Hope you have a nice first weekend of a this new season.

I was greeted this week
a few first blooms from my Red Camellia.

My Sweet Best Guy picked a bouquet to enjoy inside.

Aren't they gorgeous?

Sorry the pics are a little blurry.
I have some camera issues to correct~~

Just wanted to share these with you~

and wish you a great weekend 
Happy Springtime!

Going on a little outing.

See you Monday

~Southern DayDreams be yours~

Celestina Marie