Monday, December 22, 2014

Painting Santa

Many years ago when I started learning decorative painting,
I fell in love with the art form very quickly.

From the moment I began swinging my paint brushes, I was addicted.

I studied and learned all I could
and then I went on to teaching others the love of painting in a design school
for decorative artists.

I taught for many years before making changes to my journey.
However, still today that love of painting stays with me every time I pick up my brushes.

Christmas time was always a busy season for me once I began to perfect my skill.
I attended many shows, home interior features and  the list goes on.

Santa has always been a favorite of mine to paint and these several
below are from decorative design studies I attended along the way from 
artists I learned from many years ago on my career path.

This Santa is made from wood and cut by me on a scroll saw.
Sanded and then painted he stands nearly 2 foot tall.
The design is from Pumpkin Ridge.

His pack is filled with toys for good little boys and girls!

The next is also from the same artist from Pumpkin Ridge.
He is also cut from wood and stands 2 foot tall.

The next is once again from Pumpkin Ridge
and I painted him on a vintage plate.

Lastly this set of Santa's (so long ago, I don't even know what artist drew the design) are fashioned like vintage ice skates with Santa as the foot plate and
the blade runners made from wood.
I added them to a bough of winter evergreen and it hangs for display
on the wall or the door.

This is just a few over the years hand painted for Christmas.

I have many more that live in other homes
hopefully still giving joy to their owners.

Next year I hope to paint a few new jolly old Santa's.

Till next time,
Thanks for stopping by
 I'll be back with a couple more posts before Christmas.

Celestina Marie

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cozy Library Mantel Forest!

Keeping with a bit of simplicity this year,
I chose to create an easy forest display in my library/family room.

This is the room we enjoy movies, reading, watching TV and relaxing year round.

To the mantel I added evergreen trees and a garland of lights.
Oh look, here sits a little fox cuddled by a evergreen tree.
Isn't he cute?

A single silver star tops the tallest tree.

Woodsy Santa carries a tree and trims to share with us right from the forest.

Winter tree limbs bend with snow.

Keeping warm by the glowing fire.

Knit stockings hang on each side in shades of cream and brown with fur and fleece trims.

On the coffee table I have a double nest and twigs that was fashioned on
a deer pelt with greens and berries.
I found this amazing piece of art last year in Roundtop, Texas.
The birds of silver sit in the nests and over look the cloche filled with vintage ornaments.

Snow globes sit about and always ready for a good shake.

Santa reads a story to this little girl.
Perfect for the library.

I didn't place a large tree in this room this year.
I have three others I've shared with you from other rooms.
However, I did add to the book shelves the vintage ceramic tree my mother created back in the 70's.
It's so beautiful and shines with pretty colorful lights and tipped in snow.

Across the room I always open my family bible to the story of the Christ Child's birth.
The bible sits on a Deacon's book stand my dad created for me many years ago.
I add winter pine around the pages open to the pictures of the nativity.

 Cozy evenings are spent here by the fire with a little woodland forest theme.

Do you have a favorite spot to enjoy and relax this Christmas?

Wishing you joy filled days as we approach Christmas.

See you next time with a few hand painted Santa's from the past.

Celestina Marie

Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Christmas Kitchen

 Twas the days before Christmas
            all though the house.
The creatures were stiring
except  this sweet mouse!
The aprons were hung in the kitchen with care,
in hopes that some baking soon would appear!

With the cookie jars full~

And the cabinets all pretty~

The candles were lit,

and Santa was ready!

Our goodies and tea are ready to try~

When we sit at the table and give a sweet sigh.

With light from the windows
and wreaths hung in place,

The kitchen is ready for it's seasonal pace.

With dinners to plan~
and vases to fill,

We'll share all our blessings
and a cup of good cheer!

Throw open the doors to reveal upon high,

Mistletoe waiting for each passer by.

Christmas in my kitchen is special each year
because of the love we find living here.

Like a wreath of good tidings with never an end,
I thank you for coming 
to you I send~
Big Christmas Wishes
to all my dear friends.

Blessings for your December days,
Celestina Marie

See you soon with more from the library/family room and hand painted Santa's from years past!