Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fall Candle Accents and Embellishments

Don't you just love candles glowing this time of year?
Well, I guess I love candles year round 
enjoy the faux timer styles all around my home.

No mess or fear of burns, fire or soot. 

For this fall season, I accented a few with bits and bobs using fall 
crafting supplies.

Here is what I came up with.

These two sit on small pea gravel filled on a wood tray with acorns scattered about.

This is how it looks in the evening with the candle glow.

They come on each night  at the same time and stay on for 5 hours, go off automatically 
and the whole process begins again the next evening.
They are battery operated and last about 4-6 months depending on your battery type.
Change out the batteries and start all over again.
Love it.

Here are a couple sitting on books, wrapped in lace burlap and ribbon with 
leaves and beads tied on.

This style is a faux candle in a jar with  added leaves and lace trim.

I created two like this for each side of my mantel which I will share in my 
fall home pics soon.

I used dot stickies to adhere the leaves.
Easy to remove for a change out at Christmas or back to the plan jar with no glue marks.

This taller candle was accented with leaves
wrapped around the candle and tied with papered wire ribbon and curled around a pencil at the end.
I added felt leaves and buttons too.
You see below this candle hangs in a standing iron holder and looks 
so pretty in the evening.
Again another faux candle on a timer.

I had so much fun with this project using crafting items from my stash already on hand.
I also added a board for some on Pinterest.

So easy to create quick fall charm with either real candles or faux.
Just be careful with real candles, that the material you accent with doesn't come in contact with the flame.

Would you try these?

If so, have fun!

See you next time with my Autumn home photos.

Celestina Marie

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