Sunday, January 5, 2014

PART ONE~~Visit to The Prairie~ The Shabby Couture!

Hi Friends
Hope you are enjoying the start
to the New Year.
Recently my guy and I visited
The Prairie by Rachel Aswell
located in Roundtop, Texas
We had a wonderful time
relaxing in the wide open spaces of our beloved Texas.

As we turned onto  the long
drive up to Liliput Lodge
the first of the 5 cottages on the 46 acre B&B,
we felt right at home.

Liliput Lodge
This beauty was booked
with guests
even as far back as our reservations were made the 1st of November.

Driving around to the left,
we made our way to
the Ranger Lounge to check in for our arrival.

Here are a few pics inside and out of the Ranger Lounge.

Decorated for Christmas and ready to greet guests.
Time to relax in the lounge area
or meet in the morning  for Breakfast.

Notice the white cowgirl hat on the tree top.

Through the curtains where you see the bar chairs, is the kitchen area.

The next few pics are the kitchen and dining areas
decorated with many of RA's fabrics and dishes.
Treasured collectibles of Texas and Shabby Couture.

This is just one of the tasty breakfasts that were prepared
for us each morning followed after,
fruit, tea bread, coffee or hot tea.
Served on Rachel's designer plates. So yummy!!

The next pics are
Cornflower Cottage, the one we stayed in.

True to the name,
is the cornflower blue doors at the entry.

This is the side porch
overlooking palm trees a rose garden,

and this gorgeous lemon tree in full fruit bloom.

Going inside we were greeted
with a cozy room
decorated by Rachel herself.
Using vintage, very distressed furnishings
in a bohemian style with Spanish flair,
this was a restful retreat.

The oval mirror was a robins egg blue
with vintage complimenting shade sconces
on each side also in the same blue.

Over the tub is a rustic and colorful wood ceiling
with chandelier.
Very romantic touch.

The door to the bathroom
is a distressed folding door with a vintage coke bottle opener for a door pull.
Very unique and fun!

In the room area
is a wet sink hutch for
serving coffee, water and stocked with cups,
glasses, napkins and coffee for brewing.
After our 4 and a half hour drive
we were ready
to relax and plan our next day.

The fluffy overstuffed bed was a welcome haven.
My guy said it swallowed me up when I rested on it. 
It was like sleeping in the clouds.

Beautiful Dream Catcher over the bed,
leads to sweet dreams and sold in The Shabby Chic Couture Store on the property.

Now you know I can't wait to shop in the store.
I'll be dreaming of shabby couture~~

Just outside the door my guy picked this gorgeous pink rose
and brought it inside for me.
I placed it in one of Rachel's pretty "The Prairie" glasses.
I knew she wouldn't mind as she loves all flowers too
and it gave the night stand such a pretty touch.

More to come in PART 2
pics of the other 4 cottages on the outside,
The Pearl Barn, a walk around the Prairie grounds
and of course the Shabby Chic Store!
I'll just take a peek outside as the sun goes down
saying good day to our journey here on
 The Prairie.

See you next time with much more!

Happy New Year
Celestina Marie

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