Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Garden Inspirations

My garden has inspired me to paint florals
and recently I found a few metal
enamelware treasures to paint.
Hydrangeas are one of my favorites.
 I remember these old pieces in my grandmother's kitchen.
Don't you just love the distress and chipped areas
with that ring of blue or black?
The Hibiscus flower is another favorite and this one
was inspired by the large greeters I have at my front door.

Every year my rose arch is home to the birds who build their nests  there.
We love watching how the mama bird takes care of her little ones.
This painting of my nest with roses, came from that inspiration.

The seasons inspire me in many ways and spring is one of my favorites.
How do the seasons inspire you?
As an artist, I find  inspirations everywhere.
and the list goes on.
But one of the greatest inspirations I would add to the list,
is the memories in my grandmother's garden.
Her flowers, vegetable garden and grape arbor
was a place filled with happy times.
Sitting under the grape arbor
listening to stories and praying with my grandmother
was pure joy.
This painting inspired those times.

A vintage turning server or
lazy susan with center for a platter.

These grapes and roses are the visions I remember.

Finding inspiration right at home


those from long ago

will always be a blessing.
Wishing you a happy spring day.

Thank you for stopping by.


Celestina  Marie

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