Monday, May 18, 2015

Drifting in Pink and Tea Roses

Hi Friends,
Hope you had a nice weekend.

We had more rain, but between the raindrops,
I spent some time in the garden.
Taking in the blooms and walking among the roses.

When I mention Drifting in Pink I am referring to these pretty Drift Roses.

The romance of pink roses fill the air with a sweet scent.

They grow in dainty little clusters and make perfect bouquets
and the tea rose variety have no thorns.

For vases they are effortless.

They also inspire me to paint pretty vintage treasures.

A cake cover from the 50's with aqua stripes.

And little vintage plates for cups without saucers.

Sweet birdhouses always are a joy to add a little pink tea rose for the birdies.

The brighter pink version  is so fluffy like the roses I paint and the scent is heavenly.

Lovely to bring inside.

Place in a vintage cow creamer.

Enjoy with a cup of tea and a rose scented candle.

Or enjoy the fun of designing a vintage shabby chic lunch box for a special friend.

Walking  among my Drift  roses always inspires me greatly.
I never want to take this Decorative art form for granted.
I want to always be thankful for the gift of painting God gave to me so many years ago.
It's through Grace,
I found my way and I am forever grateful for the journey
and walks in the garden.

Wishing you a special day in May.

Thanks for stopping by.
See you soon.

Be Blessed!

Celestina Marie


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