Monday, August 17, 2015

Kitchen Corners

Hi Friends,
Hope you enjoyed a great couple weeks.
I've missed visiting with you all and will be around shortly to catch up with everyone.

I'm back from some vacation time and here we are near the end of August already.
It sure is refreshing to take a step away from the computer
break from technology now and then.

The summer has flown by and I am looking forward
to cooler days and fall decorating.
But for now,
 I thought I'd share some corners in my kitchen
before I change things out for Autumn this week.

Summer is still with us here in Texas but you can feel fall in the air and in the wind.
Summer in the kitchen was  mixed with blue, aqua, black and neutrals.
An easy transition for adding fall color and accents in rust.

When I titled this post, Kitchen Corners,
I was inspired to share what I've done in the corners of my kitchen,
counters and cabinet spaces.

Also some ideas to myself in these areas for a better look.
Do you do that?
Once you see a display or furniture design,
 you see it differently through the lens and make changes.

Starting with the cabinets,
you can see where I added the touch of aqua with blue, white and black.
This combo just really worked with the neutral cabinets.

You may remember when I redesigned our kitchen,
I took out a few cabinet doors for open shelves,
then painted the interiors and back of the inside cabinets the same as the outside.

Doing this seems to open the width of the room and makes it seem larger.
Just by taking off a few doors.

Aqua cow looks on over the kitchen and just makes me smile among the dishes.

Vintage cups and saucers add to the blue and white charm.


Here's a corner on my counter.
After looking at this picture,
I can see, if I paint the words Be Thankful over again in white, it will appear like a chalk board.
The Watkins cook book is vintage, was my mother's and adds to my color theme for summer.

Much better with the words painted in white and a few flowers for Miss Cow Creamer!


This corner is along side the stove top.
Looking at this photo,
I see ways to change it for a better look.
Like a tall vintage candle stick, vase, tall bottle or layer the items already here.
What do you think?

Perhaps layer the items like this.

adding a bottle, or layering like this~

Now this is better~

This corner holds a drink dispenser for large gatherings.
When not in use, I place faux lemons inside
for a pop of color and it just looks summery.
After seeing this pic,
I might add a few lemons to the aqua owl dish.

Now this works much better adding lemons, vintage ice tea spoons, blue and white vintage stitched napkins
and a glass ready for lemonade.


Another corner cabinet holds more vintage blue and white with a few shells.
Vintage spoons or forks would be pretty placed here on the plates.

Perfect spot for vintage spoons.
This is much better~


Two of my favorites.
Blue and white fruit basket plate and a gift from my son,
for Christmas, the Blue Willow tea pot.

Near my oven area, and tucked out of view, I've added a small coffee/tea bar in this corner space.
It works out great and keeps the rest of the kitchen counters looking clutter free.
I'm still working on this area and going to add a chalk board wall plaque to read,
Fresh Brewed
Coffee and Tea!

Plates in wall racks are another favorite of mine and help add to the color for summer.
I love changing out the plates for the seasons and color themes.
This is also a great idea for narrow wall spaces.

Below is a little melamine plate 
and it helped to bring the blue, aqua and black together.
Found it at Walmart 2 dollars~~

This bowl sits on the island.
I love the painted roses.
I could add something inside, but hate to hide the painting.
Sometimes less is more.

Adding art work gives the final touches.
This painting above hangs over the stove and adds to an old world feel.
It has a non glare glass for better viewing in the bright light over the stove top.
Around the painting, I changed the tiles to a framed design to surround the piece.
The plates under the painting can be changed out for the seasons as well.

This painting was done on an old cabinet door many years ago in one of my studies.
I love the summer outdoor feel of the bistro.
Wouldn't you just love to walk up and sit down here?

This painting is a large canvas measuring about 36" square.
The old world charm, blue sky, water and gondolas just speak to me.
It is a deep square canvas and covers the intercom where the door bell and voice box speaker live.
Can you imagine the builder doing that?
The only large wall to decorate and I have this right in the middle of the wall.
We inherited this from the previous owners.
I would have NOT designed this wall with an intercom square in the middle.
Now with the artwork here, when the door bell rings, 
it sounds charming coming from within the art work.
And, solved the dilemma

This over the doorway shelf was added  last winter and has been the best spot 
to showcase my white and ivory pitcher collection.

Lastly, how about some lunch.
Join me at my summery table.
Aqua with shell dishes and starfish.

Shell bowl and plate.

A few shells among the roses for accent.

Aqua straw place mats on a vintage lace table square with long stem roses.
Lets relax!

So that's it for the corners and summer look of the kitchen this season.

Displayed on top of the fridge,
I love seeing this each day when I enter the kitchen.

Thanks for stopping by 
I hope "Today is a Good Day for A Good Day" for you!!


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