Thursday, March 29, 2012

Springtime Giveaway!

Thank you to all 102 entries for my springtime giveaway. You know, and I have said it before, I wish I could send a gift to everyone. But for now we can only have one winner. So all the names went into the Pink Cowgirl Hat.

Then, my best guy mixed up the entries.

And pulled from the hat our winner!

And the WINNER IS~~~

Congrats Deb. I will contact you for your address and send your gift out right away.
Thank you for entering and I hope you enjoy your cottage rose bunny for Easter and all year long.

And thanks again to everyone for playing along and entering this spring giveaway. You are all a blessing and your blogging friendship, visits and comments are such a joy. Hope you all have a great weekend. I'll be finishing my living room redo and taking some time to relax too and enjoy our warm weather. See you soon.
Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Welcome to the Cottage Craft Room from Etsy Cottage Style

Hello Friends and Happy Spring. This week we are sharing what is going on in our cottage craft rooms from Etsy Cottage Style. For me my frenchy toile studio is buzzing with fun and happy hours of creating. Springtime always inspires me and I find it easy to lose myself in time creating and enjoying the process. With warmer days and lots of sunshine, the roses right outside my studio window are full of buds ready to burst with gorgeous color giving me inspiration to create this new vintage treasure.
Named "Rose Garden Lace", this vintage cake keeper is blooming with fluffy pink cottage roses on a creamy soft background. Light sage green stripes with lacey stroke details trail all around with shading and highlights. I added a large glass plate for ready serving and left the lid unpainted for food safety. The lid has a beautiful ceramic flower knob to complete "Rose Garden Lace."

And, lots more treasures are making their way to the shelves HERE, but for now, here are just a few to share in the Cottage Craft Room happening all this week from Etsy Cottage Style. Visit won't you? and see what more participants are sharing this week.

That's all for now blog friends and if you have not entered my spring giveaway there is still time before the drawing on the 29th. Visit HERE to enter.
Thank you and have a wonderful spring day.
Celestina Marie XO

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Springtime Giveaway

Welcome blog friends to my springtime giveaway for 2012. You are all special and to tell you so, with a giveaway thank you, someone will receive my cottage white hand painted ceramic rose bunny. Just in time for Easter and beyond, this sweet little bunny girl is ready to hop on over to live in your cottage.

To enter, please be a blogger and leave a comment on this post. If you are a follower that will give you an extra entry. Drawing will be March 29th and shipped promptly for Easter enjoyment.

Have fun and thank you for playing along.
Happy Spring!
Celestina Marie

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From a Sap to a Treasure! How to get this look!

An idea for a sap bucket turned treasure. I always find the best sap buckets on my junkin trips. Recently I found one that was perfect to repurpose for a trash can or french flower holder. They are normally tall and narrow which makes them perfect for a little bathroom or powder room trash can. The narrow style fits perfectly between the sink and la toilette!

The one I found was in good condition with minor distress and a few dents. After all these were used to drain sap from a tree, so it is normal to find them with imperfections which only adds to the charm.
To one side is usually a little hole that was used to hang on the tree.

To start, I painted the bucket inside and out with my favorite Honeysuckle bloom color. It is a fresh cottage white. As usual, I forgot to take a pic before the painting, but it is galvanized tin and grey, so you get the idea.

After this step, I painted the top inset design with 2 coats of a soft nutmeg brown acrylic paint and dry brushed some white with a stencil brush. Dry brushing just softens it a bit. Remember it does not have to be perfect, just stay in the lines of the bucket for neatness. You can use any color you choose. I wanted to stay with the new neutral color styles that are so chic at the moment.

I like to add another step which is optional called "fly specking". This is done by using the nutmeg paint a little watered down for an inky consistency. Using the stencil brush and a Popsicle stick, fly speck the stick across the brush towards you. This will put little specks of color on the solid background. Again it softens the look and gives an aged appeal. Practice on paper first to get the feel and look you want before putting it on your surface.

Now at this point you can varnish the entire bucket inside and out with a water based varnish as pictured. This step I feel is important for durability in using it as a trash can. You can wipe it clean when needed and keeps the surface from marking.
You do not varnish over the graphic if you have already glued it in place. That will be a different finish later. If you want to use it for fresh flowers, I would place another tall vase inside to hold the water for the flowers. This way, the paint will not lift or bucket rust.

After the varnish is dry, I added a french graphic from the Graphic Fairy to the front. I enlarged the graphic to the full page size on the printer to fill in the entire space on the bucket and printed using card stock paper. You will glue this in place with ModPodge glue only to the backside of the card stock graphic. Cut out the graphic as close to the design as possible so it looks like it is part of the background.

At this level it is finished, but I like to cover the graphic with a product called Triple Thick. It gives a glass like finish to the graphic without smearing the ink. It makes the paper durable and easy to wipe clean when needed. This sealer is really thick, so work in short strokes and let stand flat or on it's side to dry so the sealer does not run thick. This step takes some practice, but gives a wonderful result.

Now remember the little hole to the side? I like to tie on some vintage hem tape and lace ribbon to embellish.

Here is the finished bucket ready for a French look with flowers or to fill a small corner to use as a chic trash can.

This vintage treasure will be going over to my etsy boutique soon, but if you can paint a bucket, cut with scissors, glue and varnish and tie on a ribbon, you can make this one too. Have fun

Happy Creating, Celestina Marie

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Monday, March 19, 2012

HAPPY SPRING! Spring Garden Party from Etsy Cottage Style

Welcome Monday and not so welcome thunderstorms~~ of course my Miss B is not happy about the cracks of noise and beating rain. However the garden loves it and my new blooms are raising there little faces high to receive a nice spring drink.

Today is the third Monday of March and time for Etsy Cottage Style Blog to celebrate the cottage gardens. Visit HERE for the list of more participants posting. Remember each Monday is a ECS event that runs all week long which gives us plenty of time to join the fun.

Not only is my Texas garden enjoying the warm weather, but I am inspired to create with the encouragement of my pretty blooms.

Come take a walk with me around the garden to visit a few early bloomers.
Starting with a pretty Saucer Magnolia.

Just peeking through the ground is one of several Cone flowers. These will be a pretty dark pink.

Here grows gorgeous large leaf English Ivy with Pansies.

My Hydrangea garden is peeking through the ground as well with some nearly in bloom. These will be pinks, white and blue. Can't wait to dry a few for inside vignettes.

Dianthus is another pretty and lasted all winter long this year with our mild winter.

From my rose garden comes the first Redpink Roses. Soon the bushes will be covered.

This garden arch~~and my pride and joy, will hold the most gorgeous mini White Carolina Roses soon. I trimmed this last week and with the warm weather, it has more new growth in just a few days.

Right outside my studio door grows this gorgeous Camellia bush. Yesterday my dear guy picked this pretty bloom. They only last a few hours off the bush and the petals shed like crazy. But for a short time, the flower is gorgeous on display.

From the studio, I also have a garden of spring blooms to share.
Starting with this fresh spring garden tray and darling little tea pot.

The sweet Caroline Wren has long flown off to his new home in the midwest and the nest along with him. But more pretty birdies will be on the way. These were painted on vintage fluted cake pans.

How about a French watering can to water those pretty garden blooms? This sweetie is new and now available in my shoppe. Chaumiere Fleurit.

Thank you for stopping by to visit and view my spring garden blooms. It's back to the studio for me, but for a few minutes more, I will enjoy a cup of tea in a new spot in my studio overlooking gorgeous pink roses right outside the window. Join me will you? They are not fully in bloom yet, but I will dream of the sight soon to follow.

It's still storming but wishing you Blessings and Blue Skies always.

Smiles, Celestina Marie

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