Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Cardinal Sign~

Dear Friends,
I received some tragic news this morning from my cousin in California. She said her grandson 25 and his lovely wife were killed  yesterday in a motorcycle truck crash on the highway. The shock and sad news is overwhelming for my cousin and the family. This was a young married couple of 5 years with so much to live for and so much hope for the future. They died instantly together as they would have wanted it to be, said my cousin.

As I was emailing her a few minutes ago, this gorgeous Cardinal landed on the bush right outside my studio window.  All my life I have associated Cardinals with my precious grandmother, Celestina  Marie. These beautiful birds have always shown up in times of crisis and needful moments in our life, and today was no different. It is as if, she is showing us through God's nature that all is okay and this darling couple are safe in our makers arms. 

I took the pic in a rush as he held his position still, as if he knew, I was taking his picture.  Here is the precious moment with the Cardinal by my window. I sent it on to my cousin as my grandmother was her Aunt and I know this would bring her comfort for the loss of her dear grandson and his wife.

Life is fragile and each moment unknown, but the comfort and faith from our precious Father gives us the strength to walk through the times of sadness and heartbreak.

Please remember my extended family in prayer over the days ahead.
With Love, Celestina Marie

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