Monday, April 8, 2013

Change with a Chair

Recently I found a vintage chair while visiting one of my favorite Texas antique malls.
This one had such great bones and the perfect size for my living style sitting room.
It did have two cushions with it in great condition
and I will share those as we go along.
The tag was even in great shape and had several dates marked on it
ranging from 1923, 1926 and 1929.
Now anything marked 1926 always gets my attention
since my mother was born in 1926.
Anyway, this little beauty came back to the studio with me
and I quickly gave her a coat of honeysuckle bloom
and a light distress throughout.
When complete and dry,
I added the cushions back in place.
I thought about covering the fabric
but the natural style and look
has just grown on me and I decided to keep
the cushions just like I found them.
I am sure they are not the original cushions,
but I will never really know. They could be!
With a good cleaning,
the cushions are like new!
This pic makes the fabric look gold,
but it is not,
just a very pretty light natural shade of ivory.
Below you see this vintage chair in it's new home.
Perfect sitting by the fireplace.
So as one thing leads to another,
I added this pretty pillow which I
embellished with a doily.
The color just brought out the natural shade of the chair.

The room from several other views.

Think I'll take a break and enjoy my
Chair with a Change.
One vintage piece can make all the difference.
Wishing you a wonderful spring day.
Till next time.
Celestina Marie

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