Monday, February 1, 2016

Winter Kitchen

Hi Friends 
Happy February!!

Hope you had a nice weekend.
On my mission to clean out, refresh and get more organized,
I did a bit of redoing in the kitchen too.

I'm calling this my winter kitchen, 
leaving a little of the red
 I decorated with at Christmas.

Between the holidays, 
I found this darling pitcher and bowl lamp
on a junkin trip.

It didn't have the black and white checks.
I added those with my glass paint.
It came with a shade
but it was out of scale 
I replaced it with this darling red shade I found at Walmart.
It was plain red
 and I added the black trim to the top and bottom 
to give it a finish.
It just needed a little something.

It's so cozy in the evening and early mornings
with the glow of the lamp.
Santa brought this MC teapot.
I love it on my stove with
the painting above
 the cherry plate I painted a while ago also with black checks.

Winter comfort food recipes near by and ready.

Loving this corner with my old rusty scale
and the chalk board I created last fall.

A little refresh for winter.
Nothing like an organized space!!

I decided to leave the Waverly curtains I added during the holidays.
Love them for winter and the cozy feel at the table.

The rose plates help bring in a little color.

Layering a couple trays on a shelf,
I added a chalk board 
of  a chicken
with added checks.
and stenciled No3
I love the number 3
I love checks!

So enjoying my winter kitchen.

Have you updated any rooms for the season?
I'd love to hear your stories.

Have a great week
and I hope February 
is a wonderful and blessed month for you!



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