Monday, September 19, 2011

Just a Little Spot of Tea~

Welcome friends to another Tea Time Tuesday. With Autumn just a few days away, you can feel the air changing and the soft hum of the wind outside.
For me, this is a favorite time of year. Cozy evenings, curling up with a good book, comfort foods on the stove, inspiring days creating, and of course a delicious cup of tea.
With many busy days ahead this season, I must make it a point to stop, relax and enjoy a tea break, even for just a little spot of tea. Which brings me to share a few of my favorite small tea pretties.

Sweet and useful in gorgeous blue and white is this hinged teapot porcelain box. Perfect for holding tea or sweeteners.

Tiny and true is another favorite that was a gift from a dear friend. I just love this sweet Blue Willow decorative set complete with the original scene on the tea pot and saucers.

Demi cups and saucers are among my small favorites too and on vacation this year I found this gorgeous little rose luster ware demi set. It was marked 2 dollars. Of course that was too good to pass up.

The details and condition are like new. Simply small and gorgeous.

Lastly and lovely is the small and oh so pretty sugar and creamer set. I found this at an antique market several weeks ago. I appreciate the hand painted and raised design in soft colors. It looks to be very old but in elegant condition. Look how pretty is compliments the rose luster ware set.

For today, even with a small cup of tea, I will read the pages of A Cup of Friendship, by The Clever Factory and welcome you to join me in remembering, take time to relax within the busy times of the day. Reflect on the season and the joy in everyday treasures. Time marches on so quickly and what we miss we can never get back.

Thank you for joining me today and for the list of more tea time participants, take a journey over to Sandi's of Rose Chintz Cottage.
Happy Autumn~
Blessings always,

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