Saturday, December 7, 2013

~Covered in Ice~

Yes we are covered in ice with freezing temps.
Hello Friends!
We woke to 14 degrees this morning
and I do not ever remember this bitter cold
here in Texas.
Thursday night the sleet began covering roads
and everything in sight.
With the temps continuing to remain low
there is no chance of a thaw yet.
So many are without power, but we are thankful
to remain with electricity.
However we have a generator ready to go just in case.
We learned many years ago,
having lived all over the country~
it would be a good idea to have one
 we have used it many times.
I finally took a few pics through the windows
and a few with my phone.
Look at this one, it looks like a white sandy beach before the water.
Well, it's actually through the window
overlooking the outdoor patio table
then, the ice
next, the pool water.
It's hard to see in this pic
but our large Oak tree is
covered in ice.
We are so thankful it did not fall.

This is the front yard,
all solid ice.

Out the back door this ice
is about 10 inches thick.
When you walk on it
it never even crunches or cracks.
I know, it looks like snow, doesn't it?

The roses out my studio window,
again covered in ice.

And these rose pots on each side of my driveway
have hanging icicles.
It really is pretty
for the season.

The roads are still bad
and will not improve till we see some warmer temps.
 I know many of you have it much worse
but for us here in the south
this is unusual.
I don't remember it ever being this cold.
For now,
we are staying inside and enjoying the Christmas d├ęcor.
I will have plenty of Christmas to share in the days ahead
and plan to try and post each day till Christmas.
Hope you can join me.
Stay warm and safe whatever your weather.
Celestina Marie

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