Sunday, December 1, 2013

Welcome December

Greetings Friends
Welcome to December.
~~~As I enjoy a steaming cup of coffee this morning~~~
in the very early hours of this
blessed Sunday,
I am thankful for many blessings.
Join me for a cup of Christmas Joy.
Let me share with you
these sheet music napkin holders.
Easy and quick to create
by cutting stripes of
sheet music paper
or in my case,
I used sheet music wrapping paper.
With mod podge
brush the glue inside and out on the holder.
My napkin holders were old
silver pieces that had really seen better days.
Besides the fact that I did not want to silver clean them any longer.
I know some will raise eyebrows at this, but hey
we creative souls don't mind a bit!!
Anyway, start wrapping the paper all around the holder.
It is very messy but worth the effort.
I suggest also,
using a hair drying to dry one side of the holder
before setting it down to dry.
This way it will not stick to your surface.
Sitting the napkins holders on wax paper helps too.
When dry~
tie a simply ribbon
or accent with a twig of greens.
I did not glue on the ribbon
just simply tied around
so it can be changed with the seasons.

While sipping my coffee
I am enjoying these sweet window wreaths in my kitchen.
To create these
I purchased dollar wreaths
from Dollar Tree.
Dry brushed each with
white paint.
Tied a silk white ribbon to the bottom
and added a sprig of evergreen
pine cone and berries over the top.
To hang in the window I
used candlewick thread
and looped around the curtain rod.
Easy, quick and a nice winter touch
around the table.

Another sip of coffee has
me thinking how glad I am to have
decorated early this year as I gaze
on my centerpiece.
Another easy, use what you have idea.
I used a large 18" round platter
filled with pine cones,
berries, apples ,holly
 and pine cones from my magnolia tree in the yard.
Added a large sheet music faux timer candle
to the center
and that's it.

I look above and
enjoy the snowflakes I added to my chandy.
Snuggled around white roosters of iron
shimmering with the light.

How about another cup of coffee?
Shall we sit in the parlor?
In the early morning hours,
I love to sit by the
Christmas tree in
this room and I'll share more here soon.

Till then,
Thank you for sharing your early Sunday with me.
I hope everyone has a blessed month
filled with all your heartfelt wishes.
I also want to thank everyone who stopped
by and prayed for Diana's grandson
For the latest update on
his mystery illness you can visit
See you next time with more of my Christmas home and a tour.
Celestina Marie

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