Thursday, January 15, 2015

Winter is for the Birds~~

Seems I used this title before in a post or two.
What I really mean is~
this is the time of year I love to paint birds.

Well I love to paint them anytime but more so now.

I am working on a few this week and so enjoying the process.
Here are a few from the past and studies I did with some of my favorite teaching book artists.

Cardinals are a favorite and this one was painted sitting on a snowy branch on a wood star.
 Sorry for the  blurry photo. 

This sweetie is painted on a stone heart coaster that I have poured  and painted.

Another in a spring nest.
 I am  looking forward to painting more of these little darlings.
This little one is painted on an old vintage keepsake box.

This, in flight, Hummingbird, is a favorite study
and the Hibiscus flowers with water droplets were so much fun to paint.
This design is painted on a wood fan box.

This little fellow is currently in my Etsy Shoppe.
Hand Painted on an old vintage dish.

 A Robin in the roses is painted on one side of an old wood magazine holder.

The smokey technique for the background is done using a candle
with a silver spoon.
As you hold the spoon over the flame near the surface, the smoke adheres to the wood 
in a random pattern. You have to be careful not to start a fire!!!
After you have the background the way you want it,
You seal the surface with varnish so it won't rub off.
Then you proceed to paint your design.

The other side of the holder I painted another wonderful study from Nancy Kinny
and one of my favorite birds along with the Cardinal.
Love this Blue Jay sitting on a snowy branch.
I painted this about 15 years ago.

A little closer look at the smoked background.

Yes, winter is for the birds and my paint brushes.

I enjoy so many artsy works while being inside for the winter months.

There is not a  time I did not have a craft or design to work on.

Do you have a favorite art form or craft that you love to work on during the winter months?

Enjoy the day~

Stay warm and be blessed!

Celestina Marie


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