Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sashay Crochet

What fun it is to sashay crochet! 
You may already know about this art form using a boutique yarn in variegated colors to 
create gorgeous ruffles, forming a crocheted scarf.
If not, you can learn by viewing the video.
It is sooooo easy and quick, yet looks complicated. With the Pink Scarf Project in the works this year, I learned this technique and finished my pink scarf to send shortly.
You can see on the model how it would look when worn.
The strands of yarn comes off the ball to look like this~
Then as you work with it, you open the strand to see the lacy yarn. It is within the lacy holes you create the ruffles.
It only takes one ball of yarn to make and complete one scarf.
So for under 5 dollars, a gorgeous accessory can be created.
  The length totals approx. 62" long.
You could make it shorter if you wanted, by ending sooner.

 However the longer length would be gorgeous on a coat or dress.
Here is my finished scarf for the Pink Scarf Project! Miss Manny is our model.
Look how pretty on a white blouse.
You can't see it in the pics, but on the ruffle edge is a pretty silver thread running through for a really nice effect.
If you would like to create a scarf for the Pink Scarf Project, purchase one, or whatever you choose, there is still plenty of time to participate.
Visit Vicki, at 2 Bags Full to participate.
I hope you give Sashay Crochet a try.
It takes about one hour to create a scarf and is so easy you'll be making them to give as gifts or thinking up creative ways to decorate with them too.
Have Fun!
Celestina Marie

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