Sunday, August 2, 2009

I Do Windows!

Painting windows that is. Well, I have been known to wash a few windows in my time too. But painting is lots more fun, then washing windows. Recently I found a great large vintage window at one of my favorite antique malls. This old window was exactly what I have been searching for to complete my backyard area beside the potting bench. The bench needed something to balance out my little corner for gardening. After much thought and brainstorming, an old window with a flower box was the answer.

First I cleaned it well.

Washing the glass really good.

Then I painted the frame and inside wood the pretty green used on the potting bench.

Next the real fun begins. How do you like how it turned out? I painted the background a soft sky with light clouds, added a vine of pink roses with a sweet bluebird perched on a branch to keep me company when I garden.

Then is was my dear hubby's turn to make a flower box for under the window. I added purslane in 6 pots which fit the box nicely. I want to be able to change the flowers with the seasons. I used a plate to scallop the edge before he cut out the wood front. Again, painted it the same soft green. To the front, we found an iron garden sign at Hobby Lobby for $1.20 at the end of the season sale. This addition seemed to finish it off nicely coordinating with the rose arch in the same iron color.

Now you know one thing leads to another, right? So over the bench I needed a sign. Hubby measured and scalloped a nice sign board that I then stenciled GAREN CHIC over the pretty soft green. Now I think it's done.
To do the stenciling, I make a pattern first for placement. Mark where the letters will go and then use my stencil to follow and paint the letters.

The finished project hung on the brick. Turned out to be a cozy garden spot.

Lastly, I worked on an old chair for my studio. I purchased this great find for 15 dollars (SCORE) at the same antique market. The seat can be changed when I tire of the fabric as I sometimes do, but for now this works nicely.
Before and After~~~~

Okay, look at that chair back. Looks like a nice surface to paint and decorate. Should I leave it or paint it? AHH~~ what do you think I will do? LOL!!!

Of course, paint it!!! Added some roses and a stencil in the center. Now that's better.

Now it's on to more redos and redesigns for my etsy boutique. Thank you for stopping by. See you next time. Blessings, Bluebirds and Blue Skies be yours, Celestina Marie

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