Saturday, December 6, 2014

Simple Touches of Christmas

Hi Friends~
Hope you're having a good first weekend in December.
When I  shared with you my first post of Christmas decor a few days ago,
we were at the front entryway.

Well, I skipped to the second floor and a few simple touches of Christmas
in my guestrooms.

This room is done in shades of white, cream and neutrals.

The bells are from my vintage collection and I love them with all their aged patina.

This Santa is not old, but he sure looks like some from the 40's.

Sitting atop a white pitcher, is this sweet glittery Christmas bird.

Over the summer Mr. LJ  and I took a drive out to a country yard sale near our home.
I found this great old mantel and placed it in this room.
It's been so fun to decorate.

My guests love to stay in this room.

This Santa is a carved wood figure that I painted many years ago.
He has lots of glitter and looks right at home on the old dresser of white.

This rose colored Santa was another I created from a decorative design nearly 30 years ago.
He is made from a 2x4 with attached arms, face and sack on his back.
I sold so many of these over the years but before I ended creating these, I decided to keep two.
I have another in red, but would love to do these again in white.

I love this cross stitch hand created and framed by my dear friend Stephanie.
Love it!

A bowl filled with door knobs and locks instead of ornaments.

All sits in a tray on the breakfast table in this guest room.

Rag Heart Wreath with a small stocking hangs from an old wardrobe.

Sitting on the bed is a creamy suited Santa.

On the built in writing desk I have a tall angel and vintage framed graphic.

My dearest treasure is this darling musical angel.
She was my  mother's and plays Silent Night.
I can still remember when I was a little girl in the late 60's my mother purchasing this little darling
for 3 dollars to display in our home.
She just loved it ~ and so do I for the beautiful meaning and memories.
She has been well cared for and is in excellent condition. 
The  music box still plays beautifully.

I didn't put up a tree in this room this year. 
Just kept it light and simple.

Thanks for stopping by.
Enjoy the weekend and see you again soon with more from down the hall.


Celestina Marie

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