Sunday, February 22, 2015

Looking Forward to Flower Power

Okay, call it a Flower Power Garden
a Walk in a Calm and Peaceful Place.
This is how I feel about my garden.

~Happy New Week~

I thought it would be fun to look back
on my garden as I prepare for spring.
A spot to be in when the day is hectic,
cluttered and long!
 Where the springtime blooms will
bring me to a peaceful ease.
I will walk once again in the garden
and enjoy the blooms
bright and beautiful.

A walk to clear the mind.

A place to pray and be thankful.

Thinking of days to come.

My favorite roses in all their beauty
 telling me spring has come once again.

A visit here will bring blessings,
joys and remembrance.

A garden that has given birth to many a sweet birdie.

Soon this hydrangea garden will be in full bloom.

Azaleas, bright for springtime.

Tiny white roses filling a garden arch have been home to many a birdies
and their sweet families.

Pretty vintage tea roses greet me as I round the bend
to view flowers that seem to say,
"come visit me, I have a gift for you"

 Thinking back, it seems like forever,
Looking forward it feels like tomorrow!
when I will say~

"My you are gorgeous this season~
Are you enjoying the warm temps?
oh too soon it will be very hot,
but I will do my best to protect you."


I know they are thankful for the care,
just as I am thankful for the
serene and beauty they share each day.

Moments among the blooms,
natures beauty to enjoy.

Thank you for joining me.

My flowers thank you for coming along
for a walk in the calm.

Wishing you

flower filled days 
looking forward to spring.

Smiles and Southern DayDreams

Celestina Marie

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