Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Let it Snow~

Each Christmas I enjoy displaying this tiny snow village. In fact, I like it better then the larger village I have displayed for years and spent more to own. This one has sweet little cottages that measure about 3-5 inches tall.  Most are collectibles from the thrift shops, dollar stores and garage sales. I repaint them, adding snow and glitter, giving them a little face lift.

This season I decided to place this darling little town in the vintage cabinet that I have in our library family room. It is fun to set up and the lighted cabinet shows it well.
This cabinet has 3 shelves and I fill all with these darling buildings, trees, snow and a few tiny people which I am always on the outlook for to find them this small and scale for the cottages. I cover books with cotton batting to create little hills of snow.

I would love to live in a village like this, and just for the season, I imagine being there walking the snowy little lanes and building snowmen in the front yards. This all reminds me of childhood memories living in the north. Gathering at the little church and grocery shopping at the town grocer.  The school is located next to a barn where the children learn about farm animals and explore the outdoors.  This village even has an art shop where I would spend a lot of my time.  Come join me and visit this dear little town. We can stop at the Tea shoppe for tea and then browse the bookstore or gaze at the pretty gems in the jewelers window. Santa's Work Shop is located in this town and we may even see him ready to go down the chimney on one little cottage.

When we stopped in the book store, Santa was reading a story to a little girl.
We passed some children making a snowman and their sweet dog was waiting patiently to add the broom.
We went to this little church for a Christmas service and outside carolers were singing beautifully.
Thank you for visiting my little village. Hope you enjoyed strolling with me across town and welcome back soon. Merry Christmas Hugs, Celestina Marie

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