Friday, March 1, 2013

Vintage Match Stick Holder~

~Welcome March~
As our days grow closer to springtime,
I am inspired to decorate.
I am always inspired to decorate.
But spring is that time of year to freshen up,
change treasures around
and lighten up.
I know many of you are still deep in cold and snow
but I am sure spring fever is grabbing you as well.
My dear friend Ann, from Ann's Finds
gave me this vintage match stick holder some time ago.
I  had no idea how I wanted to create with it,
till the other day,
 when I decided to make it a home for a sweet little chickadee.
Starting with a background change of light ivory white,
the little transformation began.
Like usual, I forgot a before pic,
but you know the old stained brown wood and how that looks.
Next, I added a french graphic from
to the front.
Hand Painted a few roses top, sides and back.
Accented with shades of grey checks throughout and a bit of distress.

To the graphic, I topped it with a coat of Triple Thick which I have shared here many times.

And, to the rest of the holder I gave it a coat of satin finish varnish.
Of course it's not finished yet.
A bit of Spanish moss,
an over sized nest filled with light aqua and glittered eggs added to the front,
and topped with a sweet chickadee wearing a checked ribbon.

Ready to sit on a table or hang on the wall.

But for now,

 it has found a spot in my etsy shoppe HERE.

Have a wonderful first day of March.

 Celestina Marie

Many thanks for the birthday greetings and comments.
You are all so thoughtful!

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