Sunday, April 27, 2008


Like most weeks, my studio is a busy place. I would not have it any other way. The need to create is great and I know those of you that design, in all your talented categories, agree. Don't you feel like there is never enough hours in the day to design all the creative treasures you envision when you dream? Each new day brings something new to discover. Sometimes a treasure starts out one way and ends in another. Sometimes, I have to study a piece for awhile as I work on something else. Gazing over at the lonely item waiting for a redesign as I try and imagine, what should you be? How do you see yourself? What sort of new life do you desire in the cottage, shabby, romantic world that I will try to place you in? Who's cottage home will you grace? I just know you want to make someone very special smile. Give a small joy or fill a need for a decorative finish! Team together with other decorative treasures from other artists to achieve that certain cottage look. One never knows how the story will end until the final brush stroke is complete.

I guess these thoughts keep me returning every morning to my cozy cottage studio. So thankful to be blessed in this life to practice an art form that I love. Like my Father once said to me, "Find what you love to do in life, and you will never work another day." So tomorrow, God willing, I will rise again. Get ready for the studio, in which Miss Beazy and I will open the door to another day, another painting adventure and hopefully another dream!
See you again soon ~~ Have a great and blessed day~ Celestina

Here are a few of the new treasures past and present.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Last week I had the sweet surprise of receiving an award from Karen of "A Scrapbook of Inspirations" It is called the "Arte Y Pico Award". Thank you so much Karen. Congrats to you for being chosen, as you are so deserving. I will try and live up to this special honor and I am so thrilled to pass it on to 5 more very special blog friends.

The rules are as follows~~

1. You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award for creativity, design, materials used, and their contribution to the community no matter what the language.

2. Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his/her blog to be visited.

3. Each award winner has to show the award and the name and link to the blog that awarded it.

4.The award winner and the one who has given the award have to show the link to "Arte Y Pico"

5. Show these rules.

JEN r. is so creative and full of fun. She puts great designs together from wonderful treasures she finds. Her bubbling personality really comes across in her lovely blog and home. She always inspires me when I visit.

BECKY is a very accomplished artist and wonderful illustrator. Her love for life sharing her God given talents and Christianity is a true joy to share. Her words are always inspiring. Her artwork reflects her awesome talent.

DEBBIE KAY is just a delight to visit. From her very contagious smile to her gorgeous curly hair, she has captured the look so many of us long for. Her eye for detail is awesome. Her treasures shared make you want to go on a day filled hunt for goodies to redesign.

RANDI is a dear friend. Not only is she an amazing artist, but her designs using yarn and felt are over the top terrific. She is from Norway living in Texas and her blog is so enchanting to read and view her creative designs from her talented hands.

DEVONIA is another Texas shabby artist and her hand painting is something to behold. You can get lost in her roses and her creative talents. She offers a beautiful trip in the land of romantic with her paint brush.

I encourage everyone to stop by these lovely bloggers and share in their days filled with creativity. You will have a special journey.
Thank you again dear Karen for this award, it has been so fun visiting others who also received the award.

Blessings to all from Celestina Marie~~ See you again soon!!

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

NEW TREASURES~featured in my shop~LA REA ROSE on eBay!


The above feature is a sample of new items in my ebay boutique. By scrolling over the pictures you will see details about the item and for a list of more hand painted treasures, follow the arrow and click. Thank you for your visit.

I have been very busy, but will be back to share a special award and pass it on to 5 creative friends. See you soon! Blessings and Blue Skies Always~~Celestina

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Friday, April 4, 2008


Welcome to another room decorated with vintage art deco furniture and walls all in red. Yes, that's right, I dared to go red on this one. Red is one of those colors that either works or it doesn't. The color I worked with for this bedroom is a deep rich red, not orangey like some of the photos appear, but rather a darker tone very deep and rich like crimson. It takes you in with it's warmth and is full of comfort. Whenever possible I like to angle the bed in a room. Not only does this seem to give more floor space but lots of interest from the same old room placement. I also like to add shutters or something tall, like the tree I added behind the bed to fill in the space.
The wall color here looks orange. Due to the light, I could not get the exact true color to show. But, trust me, it is not orange! LOL

To start off, I inherited the gorgeous 1945 furniture from my parents. This was their wedding set and is 63 years old now. ( and for the record, I am not near 63. LOL)
The pieces are in excellent condition with all original hardware. I just had to work it into a room somewhere. The tall armoire holds a closet on one side, drawers on the lower section and an entertainment center on the top right side. Perfectly angled to the bed for easy relaxing and viewing. The dresser has a gorgeous round mirror a top the curved lines of the dresser. Detailed from blended colors of hard woods and round art deco style hardware, it is really a pretty and unique old set.
The long drapes are Laura Ashley tab top panels given to me by my dear sweet friend Lorri. She found these at a resale shop for a few dollars. Realized I had a similar design going on in the quilt and gave them to me. What a sweetheart she is and wow did they bring the perfect finishing element to the room. Added to soft creamy sheers and long scarf on an iron style window rod.
I love adding a lot of pillows. In front of large shams reversed to coordinate with the quilt I have 2 pillows I had made in Euro style, the same fabric as the plaid chair. This helps tie in the look and makes it feel like it belongs with the mix of patterns. By the way, plaids, florals, stripes and the like, can work together nicely when chosen from the same color family. But I always say, if you like it, it works!!

Look closely at the wall area above the armoire. It has a resting place for the eye, on a patterned paper that is also painted the same rich red. It gives some interest to the other wise large area of red. This detail goes around the room about 24" down from the ceiling.Red and yellow poppies fill this large vase and sit atop one of my cross stitch runners. I do this when I am not painting. It seems I always have to have something in my hands working!

The next few pictures are a cozy red plaid chair that I had made many years ago for another room. Vintage 40's swing arm floor lamp with a new shade I made to coordinate. I really love trims and add them everywhere! It is a weakness!! Old vintage night stands painted yellow and distressed help to brighten for a dash of color. I have two of these along both sides of the bed. Also, a very old dining chair covered with patterned fabric similar to the quilt on the bed situated next to a heart table that holds all you need for tea!
And last, the walk in closet is mirrored and inside I like to also decorate with treasures I enjoy for a bit of surprise when you open the closet. The mirror inside was given to me by my dear friend Randi, from In my mother's name. It was made in Norway and is just a beautiful piece. I added a wash of black and have enjoyed it in many places, but for now it works here great!

Now on to the other side of the room viewing from the closet. Here I have a desk area where I have placed some more vintage pieces of glassware from the 40's and a gorgeous antique red tray plate made by my grandfather in the glass factory of Pt. Marion Pennsylvania in the 1920's. It is one beautiful piece. On the desk area I have placed a clear acrylic desk blotter with a Laura Ashley napkin that matches the other fabrics in the room and drapes. This instantly make a pretty desk blotter. You could add pictures, pretty handmade doilies or anything flat for interest. The darling red chair with rush seat, I found at an estate sale. Keeping the display of glassware on the book shelves helps to keep the room light and not weighed down due to the dark color. Red and white English plates with an iron wall piece give the area an anchor. I usually like to work in odd numbers when placeing accents. But this area called for more of a uniform placement.

The following pictures are closer shots of the patterns and accents in this "Seeing Red Room"

This quilt reverses to all floral with the same for the shams.

"Hands to work, Hearts to God" plate I hand painted many years ago.

Beautiful appliqued pillow made by Randi, many years ago. I cherish this hand work made by a very talented friend.

Wooden bed tray I designed and hand painted in shades of red.

Thank you for stopping by to view this "Seeing Red Room" I hope you have enjoyed viewing these treasures. If you missed the first room and would like to see that one, scroll down to visit there. Have a wonderful day and Happy Decorating! Celestina

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