Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Welcome to Paint Palette Wednesday, This season is a busy one and my studio is a mess. I will have to take a pic sometime, but not today. LOL!!

Painting for me starts with loading my palette with the paint I will be using. Acrylics in this case. Years ago, when I first started to paint it was with oils, watercolor and rembrant transparent oils. Anyway, over the years I have found my way of using a paint palette by taking a clipboard, stack of copy papers and by putting the two together, I have sheets of palette paper ready to fill with loads of paint. It is an inexpensive way to work and no special tools needed. I tried the paper plate idea, but I run out of room. LOL~~ Expensive palettes just use up so fast for me too, so the clipboard works out great.

Notice I painted my clipboard pink. It will get splashed with other colors soon.
Moving on, I found some ornaments in Ross the other day, and, well, the paper vintage designs were placed upside down on the ornaments. Whoops!! So I thought I could redesign them by painting over the papers and giving them a shabby look with a little pink rose.

This next ornament has an old world tuscan type look with it's copper surface and I added a black cherry rose to accent.

Lately I have been painting on glass and having fun with it too. Here is a medium size vase with "forget me nots" all around.

Then a candle plate with little violets scattered about.

Cherry juice glasses. I found these vintage glasses awhile ago. I wish I could get more of these. They are such a cute size.

Lastly, meet this years cone santa nest head ornament! Santa carries a nest with sweet bluebird and glittered presents on the top of his head. I offered this new design last year and brought it back alittle different this season.

It was so nice to have you visit the studio today. Hope you can come back next Wednesday for more studio fun. Not sure what you will find or what I will get into next, but hope you can join me.
See you tomorrow for Thrifty Thursday~~
Till then, Have a great day!
Smiles, Celestina Marie

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