Monday, November 24, 2014

Magnolia Wreath Tutorial

Living in Texas
we enjoy gorgeous Southern Magnolia trees
and especially at Christmas time.

This beauty stands in our front yard and is nearly 40 feet tall.

I love to decorate with the trimmings
and here is an example for creating a
Magnolia Leaf Wreath.


To begin, I lay out all the branches
and gather the size of leaves I'll need for the wreath.

I use a simple green Styrofoam round  wreath
from the Dollar Store.
This one is about 14" round.

Next, I begin to cut the leaves and stems
and hot glue them on the wreath.

Going in one direction, I hot glue the leaves
to the top, front of the wreath
 and around the sides and inside area.

Moving the leaves up and down for interest and a natural flow.

Once completely covered, it looks something like this.
The bottom leaves are placed in a cluster of three, 
where I plan to place a simple silk ribbon.

This is the backside.
No need to glue leaves to the back.
Just place enough around so you do not see the Styrofoam wreath.
The hot glue works great with
these strong thick leaves.

Once complete and the ribbon in place,
I hang it over a picture in our family/library room
using an over the door hanging hook.

While the wreath is fresh, it will last several weeks. 

To design garlands I simply wire branches
together in the size needed for
topping a hutch like the ones I share below
from years past.

In our dining room,
I add single leaf stems to evergreen for another garland.
I add tiny little lights tucked in the garland.

So there you have it.
Decorating with Magnolia branches and leaves for Christmas.
Easy, fun and free
 using hot glue and ribbon 
already in my stash.
The Styrofoam  wreath was one dollar from 
the Dollar Tree.

Thank you for stopping by.
Blessings to you and yours!
Celestina Marie

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