Friday, May 31, 2013

Shoe Mold Designs, If the Shoe Fits~

I just love vintage shoe molds!
Many of you who follow my blog, know, my great grandfather designed shoes in Italy.
When he came to this country with his large family, his wife, 4 girls and 2 boys, he carried many shoe molds to continue his work to support his crew.
  I am blessed to own several molds that my grandmother gave to me and I cherish them for they represent the hard work and care my great grandfather sacrificed to support the ones he loved.

 The molds he worked with are displayed in my home in their original form.
I love seeing the nicks and dents, scratches and wear from years of use.
 I would never paint these from great grandpa, but I have painted and designed many found molds over the years.
 Molds for Christmas tree ornaments and larger styles for desk accents holding pens and business cards. Even bookends work well with these old treasures.
My Dear friend Ann, from Ann's Finds and I, were talking about the molds while shopping in one of our favorite antique markets, when we saw a "high heel" shoe mold sitting on the checkout desk for customers to use, write with the pen and take a card.
The high heeled molds are most unusual and hard to find today and the one we saw was designed into a desk holder for pen and business cards.
 Of course we just loved it and I mentioned to Ann how much I would love to find a high heeled mold sometime to create something special for a desk accessory.

Anyway, long story short,
 Ann was at an estate sale and found not one, but two molds shaped in the high heel style. She got them both and brought them to me to style.
  Now the one we saw in the antique market, had a high heel glued on from a vintage high heel. 
So I began to shop the local thrift stores in search of a skinny high heel pair of shoes to design the two molds.
 I did come across a size 7AAA  shoe with lots of bling and straps in black. I checked out the heel and could see this one could be taken apart to use and also the bling from the shoe would be an extra bonus.
Did you notice the shape of the mold?
Very rare and hard to find.
 Molds like this can never stand on their own without a heel or pedestal.
This pic below is the shoe I found. Perfectly chic!!
Now this is the best part.
 I bought the slinky shoes for just 5 dollars, brought them home and they fit the molds perfectly.
 I'm not kidding, I couldn't believe it. It was like the molds could have been used to design these shoes.
So I didn't have to remove the heel, but could use the whole shoe as is and embellish it for the desk accessory we both wanted.
This first mold was created for my desk using some extra gemstones, feathers, pen and business cards.
The next pictures are the mold for Ann with more bling, black feathers, leopard print ribbon, gemstone pen and blingy buttons.
This was so much fun and really looks great on the desk.
Thank you Ann for finding these rare molds.
My great grandpa would love it.
 He may be the reason I love shoes so much.
 It's in the genes. LOL~~~
Have a great last day of May.
Celestina Marie

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