Wednesday, July 6, 2011

~ Neapolitan Inspired~A Bathroom Redesign!

Well I'm at it again. My interiors can not escape redos and swinging paint brushes when I get an idea to recreate.

This time, with the great help of my ever so talented, do anything hubby, we took a weekend and redesigned and updated a second floor bathroom.

In it's previous life, the walls were yellow. A beautiful color, but I just got tired of the look. With Neapolitan colors for my inspiration~ I came up with this new look.


For the walls we painted them a gorgeous winter wheat shade which is so yummy and restful, guests will never want to leave!! LOL
The floor was changed by taking out the carpet and the la~toilet room tile was also taken out to be replaced by this pretty marble tile in shades of ivory, chocolate and very light pink. Oh it is like a slab of neapolitan ice cream.

I had already painted the cabinets with a soft cottage ivory and stenciled the fronts in an antique soft light gold a couple years ago, so that saved time.
We also made a decision to stay with the brass fixtures to save $$$$ as it goes so well with the chocolate.
The lights above the vanity needed to be changed but I could not find what I liked in a soft ivory, so you know what happens then, I get out the paint. In this case, I used a pretty soft matte finished ivory spray and changed new lights to cottage lights with glass globes. All this teamed up with ivory iron pieces throughout.

Next the dated mirror got an update by building a custom frame around it. Here is where the talents of my best guy comes into play. He measured twice and cut once to make a gorgeous frame with corner rosettes. We used 2 door frame kits to redesign this idea.

The iron pieces I spoke about came from the inspiration I got a few years ago while shopping the 80% off isle of Hobby Lobby. There I found this great iron tower for only 15 dollars. It had a slight flaw on the backside. No problem, a little distress doesn't hurt and you don't see it anyway. The little bench by the shower is a vintage piece I found in a antique market a couple years ago. Painted it ivory and it is the perfect little seat placed by the shower.

The shower has the original marble which was a big influence for the new floor giving the whole look a nice transition. Above is a Dream sign and high up in the arched window sits a white dove beside a candle that comes on at dusk and off at dawn. Again, created by the electrical skills of my guy.

The shower curtain is a Rachel Ashwell design that I love and I painted the leaves of the curtain hooks to pink and another re-purpose was complete. Again, cost nothing to do, but my time!

The la~toilet room is to the right with a cozy robe hanging on the door. Inside again the design is duplicated to coordinate with the rest of the room. The views are from both sides with wall cabinet and floor cabinet. The wall with the mirror adds depth in the narrow space.

The colors, as you can see where Neapolitan inspired like the ice cream. It is so pretty together and can be changed out easily, when or if, we tire of this look.
Here are a few details around the room.

So now that this fun redesign is finished. I think we owe ourselves a bowl of Neapolitan Ice cream.

So Yummy!
As you might imagine, I am on to more interior changes, one being an extension of my studio which I will share in the blog party Where Bloggers Create on July 15th.
In the meantime, I'll be knee deep in creating.

Thank you for stopping by and for your kind comments. Have a wonderful day!
Hugs from Texas ~~ where our weather seems to know, no other temperature but over 100 degrees!! LOL

Smiles, Celestina Marie

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