Monday, June 29, 2015

Life's New Chapter and First Home Office Views

Recently I shared with you that I've been working on a new home office
for Mr. Southern DayDreams.
It is nearly finished and I'll have more and better pics soon.
Till then,
here are a few small  previews.

Life just brings changes as we travel our path.
Ups and downs along the way till we reach a new chapter in life.

The new chapter can be of great excitement and joy.

This spring, my hubby as you know him to be "My Best Guy"
met a long time goal he set for himself in his career,
 and that goal was to retire at this time of his life and age.

Closing one chapter in his journey
and ready to open the next.

He retired, or as I like to think, finished a chapter in his book and ready to embark on a new path.
Realizing he still wants to help others and consult in his chosen field.

He has traveled the country and beyond helping many others. 

Now that path will continue as he embarks on his own business
for however long God will bless him with this gift to do so.
And Yes,
 it is a gift. 
Hard work played a big role of course to this point, but God's direction lead the way.

With that direction, my best guy closed one office with retirement
only to need a new one to work in from Home.

A place to be comfortable with the demands of his new work load.

A home space to house the many treasures he's collected,
 shelves for the books
 and walls to hold the memories.

As you might know, I am always in my element creating and decorating a room.
This one is no different.

Taking a first floor guestroom and transforming it into an office.
The perfect spot right off the entry way.
Oh this makes me so happy to create this space for him.

I'm using metal, wood and leather.

Barn wood and distressed pieces with a few antiques.
 I took on the search  in all my treasure hunts to find just the right pieces.

Art work we've both loved and gathered from travels.
I'm calling this room~
"Industrial Farmhouse"  of sorts.
Masculine, but with softness and comfort.

As we look out to the future~
We are thankful to have reached this time and place in our lives.
It is fabulous and special.

It is a new beginning and blessing that we are so thankful for.

I'm  finishing up the room now and will share the completion soon.

Thank you for stopping by.

Be Blessed


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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Wordless Weekend

Hi Friends
Welcome to my Wordless Weekend.

Just a day to relax and look at the hand painted beachy scenes.

Like a day at the beach, in an Adirondack chair.

The above paintings were hand painted a few years ago from my studies in 
 Finishing Touches IV.

Thank you for stopping by.
Have a great weekend.
Be Blessed
Celestina Marie

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Good Fences

Hi Friends
Welcome to another week of

Today I have something a little different.

I shared this shot some time ago from a trip to the Hill Country.
Pretty white picket fence in the country.

With my brush, I was inspired from my photo,
to paint this.

Yes it has it's changes, but that's okay because it's all apart of my formula for painting.

Adding the details~

Imagining the scene with more color.

Dreaming with a brush in hand and creating a good fence.

Thank you for stopping by.


Stop by for a visit or join in the fun.
There is a lot of good fences out there!!

Have a blessed day!
Celestina Marie

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Been on a Box Roll

Hi Friends
Hope your new week is off to a good start.

It seems my creating goes in directions of it's own most of the time.
I get on a roll with a certain surface and that just takes over.

Recently it's been boxes.

All sorts of boxes to decorate and paint filling  the shelves in my shop.

Here's a few past and the latest.

 I also found another vintage glove box.
This one is square and rare to find in this shape.
It will be a gift filled with a few goodies.

Hand Painted light pink with added vintage lace.

On the inside lid a hidden vintage surprise.

Lace and trims line the bottom,

and more lace all around the sides.

Now I'm moving on in another direction.

That's how my creating seems to roll.

I never know what, where or when something is going to inspire.

Like a new family direction and new chapter of life,
 has me creating a home office for my best guy.
Post and pics to come soon!

Thanks for stopping by and also for inspiring me when I visit you.

Have a wonderful week.

*** Celestina Marie ***


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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy Father's Day 2015

Happy Father's Day and all good wishes for a special day 
blessed with time to enjoy, relax and reflect.

This day has me missing my own dear Father, but I know he is safe in the arms of our Lord 
and I can forever hold close his wonderful memory. 

God Blessed me, not only with a dear devoted dad, but a wonderful loving husband, 
who is an excellent father as well. 

To this day, I gives thanks to the two hero's in my life.

 First my Father and then my hubby who I so loving refer to as, 
My Best Guy!

Best Friends my dad and I, right from the start.

Sharing a laugh and fun times.

Our Christmas holiday tradition to visit Santa together.

Always working on a project for our home.

Retiring after 33 years with the Ford Motor Company.

Teaching his grandson, my son, how to do some wood working.

Just as My Best Guy has always worked and built our life and home.

Sacrificing to go back to college while working, raising our family and graduating with two degrees.

Happy Times and special memories.

And a proud and faithful Father when our son graduated from college too.

Just as my dad was so proud of him and the wonderful way he has always taken care of our family.

All made possible by the grace of God and HIS prayerful direction.

Two wonderful men blessed from above to be Fathers and Faithful Followers of God.

Happy Father's Day to the great men in my life and to the greats in yours.

The above picture was the last photo taken with my dad.
 He would pass away 10 months later, and my dear mother lived only 22 months longer.
 Life changed completely from that point on,
 but the love and teachings will stay with us forever.
 We are so thankful for the memories that sustain us, till we all meet again.

Happy Father's Day to all~

Celestina Marie


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