Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Rag Trim Lampshades and a Heart Wreath~Tutorial

Recently I've been having
so much fun with rag art.
From the baskets I've shared
to the trim on my lampshades,
I am loving the farmhouse
shabby style.
For the lamps on my living room hutch,
I picked this fabric
in a paisley design
with ivory background and tan details.
Starting with 2 inexpensive lampshades  I found at Walmart,
I began this project.

Getting started,
I layout the fabric
and rip several long strips
the length of the fabric
and about 5" wide.
This will vary depending on the yardage you have .

Cut a starting notch first~
Then tear the strips by hand.

Begin tying the 5" strips in half.
It takes a bunch~
so you'll need enough to go
around the bottom of the shade.
I didn't count how many I used,
but it was about 40+ for each.
This will change depending on the shade size.

Once all the torn strips are tied,
you begin hot gluing them to the bottom
of the shade lining up the knots of each
close to each other for fullness on the trim.
Keep going around the edge till complete.
You can change the direction the strips hang
by fluffing  them up or down by hand.
For now I left the edge
I want to live with this a bit
before deciding if the rag strips
should be shorter.
So far, I am liking the trim longer
and fluffy.
So cozy with the lights on.

This was fun to do
and for very little cost.
The torn fabric
gave these old and similar
lamps a new look.
While I was on a roll with this project,
I created a heart shape wreath too.
Using unbleached muslin,
I tied the strips of torn fabric,
on a wire clothes hanger shaped into a heart
and added a pretty ribbon.
Love it here on my vintage window.

Thank you for stopping by.
Hope you found this project something
you might try.
There are so many possibilities
depending on the fabric you use.
How about a wreath for spring
using a pretty floral print fabric.
Let me know what you come up with.
I also want to take the time to
thank all new followers.
So nice to meet you.
Till next time.
Have a great winter day.
Celestina Marie



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