Thursday, August 10, 2017

Dear Son, Happy Birthday!

Dear Son, 
It is hard to believe the years have gone by so quickly, and today is your birthday. What a blessing you are to both your Dad and I. 

The day was a warm August 10th much like today when I heard your first cry and counted your little fingers and toes.
 I was already in love with you before birth and meeting you in person was the greatest joy of my life. 

From the time you were born, your wonderful ways taught us so much. 
Your constant staying power has lead you to great success in your life. 
You have brought us joys untold and shown through your spirit your big heart and kindness in all situations. 

I remember a time when you were a young teen. 
We went to lunch for a quick sandwich after school supply shopping. 
As we left the restaurant, you spotted a young mentally challenged boy trying to empty his tray.
 As we walked by you said, “hang on a minute mom” as I watched, you went over to the boy, helped him and then walked back over to me as we proceeded to leave.
 I knew then, you were very special and had a big heart, nearly the size of Texas. 

Through the years you have always shown love of family. Ready to help in any way.
 I am forever grateful for the help you always gave when Grandma was sick. She loved you and your care in her last days were more help then you will ever know. Along with her,
you were the pride and joy of your grandpa!!

You have always come to my rescue too, like the time the hot water tank burst and water was spraying all over, the time when the refrigerator broke down and the kitchen flooded with water from the ice maker, and when the long black snake was stretched out across the driveway and I feared it went in my studio. I could go on and on, but you know the times and for your love and support, I am deeply thankful. 

You always amaze us with your knowledge and wealth of information.
 Your patience is something I admire about you so much.
 Oh we’ve had our growing pains through the years as a teen and so on, but you always showed great respect for your dad and I and held back comments or rolling your eyes when we weren’t so cool. 
I always knew when you were being nice, and I love you for that.
 With each and every work related move through the years, you held your courage, even when I knew it was hard for you to leave your friends and start over in a new school. 
I don’t know if I could have been so strong. In fact, I know I could not. 

Now at this time and place, as you face another birthday, I pray that God continue to bless your journey and the life he has created for you to follow. 

Stay true to who you are, never forget where you came from and where you are going with God’s direction.

Talk to God often and remember to listen for direction.
 Care with your heart, it will keep you humble and remember to show compassion for your fellow man.
 Give all that you can to those that need your help and grateful for all your blessings.

 And as Grandpa always said, “never let your wants, be greater then your needs.” 

Enjoy your birthday to the fullest my son and know you are loved very much for the little boy you were, the wonderful grown son you are now and the blessing you will always be. 

Love you,
 Always your Mom 

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