Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saying Goodbye~~

To the old Cypress Trees and Magnolia!!
If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you know that my best guy and I are always working on one project or another, and sometimes many at once. It is just what we love and enjoy to do with our home, which we feel is a gift from God to take care of.
Last Spring we re-landscaped one side of our backyard and this year the back area was next for attention. Trees had to be cut down in order to move forward. Cypress, old Photinias and a very large Grand Magnolia had seen their days, grown very old and needed removal. Sad, but necessary. So Goodbye to the lush green very tall overgrown trees and hello to a fresh new start.

We started by cutting down 10 plus trees across the back.

After 3 long days of endless work and planning, we look something like this now.

Small plantings with room to grow and easier to maintain. As you can see, we did leave 3 trees for an anchor and arranged the smaller new bushes and shrubs along the retaining wall.

The bubbler pots are so soothing to sit by in those pool color blue chairs.

The above table is a birdbath that BG turned into a table, adding a glass top and electrical power inside for a soft light at night. The light shows softly through the shells placed inside. A cozy evening spot to visit and enjoy the water sound from the bubbler.

A little paint to freshen the potting bench my dear son made for me one Christmas as a surprise. I have enjoyed this piece more then I can tell you and it comes in so handy when gardening. Next to the bench is the old vintage window and flower box I painted last year. I never took it down over the winter and it still looks just freshly painted.

Tucked among the foliage are my favorite garden angels.

Lastly, I freshened and painted my iron bistro table and made some seat cushions with small back pillows.

Now~~ I'm not done yet. Next is to freshen up the patio area which I will share that project for another time.
Before I go, I will share and show you a new lapghan I just finished for my toile studio. On hot summer days, with the AC cranked up in there, it gets really cold. Do you think I can keep paint off this pretty? I'm going to try.

Back to the studio for me. See you again soon.
Blessings always, Celestina Marie

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