Saturday, March 21, 2009


Welcome to a yummy celebration of Spring hosted by Cielo from House in the Roses. Make sure you visit The House in the Roses to attend other wonderful parties serving chocolate cookies and tea.

So glad you could join me today for a special Spring Party. I have brought my party indoors, instead of the back porch like requested, because I have my yard under a redo of sorts and it is not ready.
So welcome to my dining room where we will have home baked chocolate cookies with piped vanilla icing and an assortment of teas.
Listen to the Spring music in the background and enjoy your tea and cookies in any comfy spot I have set just for you.

Chocolate fudge cookies served on a rose plate atop a green leaf plate style bowl and our tea is an assortment of blueberry, cherry or raspberry.
Fresh cut flowers from my garden grace the table.

Our centerpiece is a vintage rose cake pedestal topped with a bell dome that showcases my vintage robin, overlooking her nest adorned with roses.

Tea will be served from another very old vintage tea pot, given to me many years ago by my mother. I love this tea set. Even the design is Spring inspiring.

Try a turkish delight to go with your cookie!

Perhaps you would like a cozy spot in the sitting room. I have scattered garden books and magazines to browse for planting ideas this season.

Enjoy the loveseat!!

Or this cozy spot~~

Maybe you would like to sit on the fireplace.

Or take a seat at the table.

Sitting by the side hutch is a comfy spot to chat.

Miss Beazy has even found the perfect spot to gaze out the window. Come sit on the bench, she loves to have a pat or two.

Sharing the recipe for today's cookies.

The piped icing recipe. This is a yummy icing used for decorator cookes either by spreading or piping like I have with these cookies. I used a pastry bag, but you could use a plastic sandwich bag with a cut corner to do the same thing. Food coloring can be added too.

Thank you for coming to my Spring Cookie Party. I so enjoyed to have you in my home. Remember to stop over at Cielo's to visit other participants today.
Blessings to you for the perfect season with Blue Skies being yours always.

Happy Spring, Celestina Marie

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