Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Designing a Stenciled French Rug

Hi Friends,
Creating a French style rug is easy and quick.
Using a stencil of your choice,
textile paint or fabric medium, stencil brush and blue painters tape
you can create a one of a kind rug just for your d├ęcor.
Here I gathered a couple small throw rugs
with a small nap and basically a flat style.

Next I choose my stencils to design each rug.
Placing the stencil in a pleasing position
I taped in place with blue painters tape to keep it from slipping while stenciling.
For the paints,
I like to use either FolkArt's Textile Paint
or mix
Fabric Medium in equal parts with basic acrylic paint.
I used black for this project, but the sky is the limit with your colors.
Once the paint is mixed,
I began to stencil using my favorite brush.
I also like to start in the middle of the stencil and work out
 top to bottom.

This brush is an old friend and I have used it for years to stencil.
Worn and comfy, but so easy to use.
The rounded handle is very comfortable
and keeps your hand from getting tired.

Here is the finished rug.
Once dry, you can walk on it
and vacuum right over the stenciled design.
To help it dry faster for handling, I use a hair dryer
to help it along.

Using Textile medium keeps the surface soft
and helps from fading when washing.
However, a little fading does add shabby charm.
The next rug turned out like this~

So there you have it.
A French style rug
you could never buy in the stores,
 but just as close
as your favorite stencil.
So easy to do and fun!!

See you next time.
Wishing you
Southern DayDreams,
Celestina Marie

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