Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Rhythm of Creating

Hi Friends 

I'm doing some inspirational travel
on this 28th day of my birth month~~

 I will be back soon,
 but till then,
I had to stop in and say hello.

While I love to get out in the world 
viewing nature around me, 
I realize,
 I really don't have to go far
 for the inspiration to create.

Most of the time, it is right here at home.
 Here and there 
among the treasures I love,
 the books I read 
and the views right outside my window.
So I curl up in a comfy chair to read beautiful words
view gorgeous photos
and settle on thoughts and joys.
Nesting this time of year, 
gathering and reflecting on creations that will follow.
Music has always been inspiring to me. 
Listening to the rhythm 
of beautiful note combinations
 seem to show me the way and direction.
It's the harmony and the chords,
the melody 
the rhythm that speak to my heart.

So I take up my sketch book and draw some thoughts.
As one stroke leads to another, 
I put color to my world.
Putting love into the ideas.
Finding Inspiration 
doesn't really have to take me too far away. 

Where do you find inspiration?
 Far or close by?
Travel or home?
 Within your thoughts, music and heart?
~Wishing you joy~

See you when I return!
Celestina Marie

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