Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Welcome to the Potting Bench~

Several years ago my talented son
built me this potting bench and surprised me with it for Christmas.
I can still see how happy he was, when he had me come out to the garage
to find this wonderful gift on Christmas Eve.
It has been such a blessing in my garden and I enjoy it so much.
Thank you RJ, I love it and I love you!
Each year, I am so excited to pot my flowers here
and plan my herbs to grow.
To the right I have started a climbing rose in ivy
from a knockout rose.
I found that you can train them to be a climber
and they do very well.
To the left is my hydrangea garden and just beginning to grow.
In a few weeks they will be 3 to 4 foot high.
Above those is a flower box Mr. CMDesign
made for me several years ago to place under my
vintage window painting.
I filled it with silk hydrangeas.
To the front of the climber, I have a pretty pink tea rose.
Lots of sun in this spot so they do wonderful
right in a pot.
This year I painted these sweet little herb markers.
I found these chalk board like shapes in the dollar bin at Michel's
and hand painted the herb names, glued on popsicle sticks
and brushed on some outdoor varnish.
Strawberries are growing and I can't wait for the first pick.
Pretty rose buds just fill the climber.
And this sweet stone robin watches over her nest in the ivy pot.
I think this one is calling for lunch~~
While this sweet garden angel shows her little bird white Impatiens,
and another is taking a springtime nap.
Best of all, my potting bench has a little fairy that loves to just hang around.
Yes, I so enjoy my garden's potting bench and all the wonderful
memories it has given me over the years.
Thank you for stopping by to visit today.
See you again soon with more from the spring garden.
Blessings always.
Celestina Marie
and thank you Deborah for featuring my boxwood wreath
from last weeks party.
Etsy Cottage Style



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Rose Garden Sign Project~

You may not remember the old roof slate I created a
garden sign with many years ago.
Well, it needed an upgrade
and totally repainted.
So I repainted it with a fresh coat of paint
and added new jute for hanging.
This slate is larger then the pic looks
and is a  generous 12 inches wide and 16 inches long.
The holes for the jute are the original when the slate was used on a roof.
When I taught painting classes, one of my students gave me a bunch of these
from an old house.
I was thrilled and painted many over the years.
All are gone now, painted and sold, but I did keep one for my garden.
For the design on the sign, I used one of my old vintage rose
paintings and made a copy right on my printer.
Next, I added the words, Rose Garden and ran it off.
Trimmed the white paper all around
with fancy cut scissors.
Now to the slate, I added distress ink the color of the background of the my print.
The distress brings out the texture of the slate.
Later I will add a walnut distress over this and the print
to give it some age and wear.
You know I love old treasures.
Next I used outdoor mod podge to apply my print to the slate
and let dry.
I love how the distress fills in the dips and valleys of the slate.
Here it is on the fence right above part of my rose garden.
Love it here next to the pot of petunias.
On to more garden fun and lots of time in the studio.
I just love springtime, don't you?.
Are you in your garden yet?
See you next time with more garden views.
Till then,
Southern DayDreams.
Celestina Marie






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