Sunday, May 20, 2012

Painting Office Chairs and Under Construction

Thank you for your sweet comments on painting my piano.  It was a hard decision for a piece that holds so many wonderful memories and very vintage, but I am really loving it and the light it brings the room.

Painting my studio office chairs was one more thing on my list to finish last week and here is the outcome.  Having two black, not so pretty office chairs needed a cottage cream redesign to go along with my new and improved studio.

Here are the before  chairs~
Comfortable yes, pretty? not so much.  At least not now. In the past with my design they did okay, but I really love them now.

Using flat interior cottage cream paint, I painted three coats to each chair.  Then I varnished them with a gloss waterbased finish. Let dry, and ready to use.

The varnish step is important for durability, cleaning when needed and to keep the finish from scuffing.   For the legs, I recommend priming first before painting with either a Kilz primer or Glass and Tile Medium.  The rolling feet may scratch if you keep the heels of your shoes on them, but easy to touch up if needed. They have not worn off for me and I usually step on the legs. 

Here are the after chairs~
Just perfect for my new studio and I am loving the lighter look.  We are still under construction but nearly complete.  Here are a couple little peaks from the long work days.

Almost finished and I will be so happy for a break!!

Have a great week and see you soon.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

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