Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Creating a Designer Pot Holder Mitt

Recently I was looking for a couple new pot holders but
I just couldn't find one with vintage style
and retro charm.
So I had the idea to pick up a couple mitts
from the Dollar Tree
and create my own.
I found two mitts in a neutral color
 and gathered a retro graphic
Next I transferred the graphic to a
printable fabric sheet
by running it through my printer.
I used Avery sheets for this,
but I really love
Lesley Riley's TAP.
I just happen to be out of it.

As you can see above, I copied the graphics
then cut them out close to the design.
At this point, I ironed them in place using a hot dry iron
and pinned  vintage lace to the top which I sewed on last by hand.
If you try this project, keep in mind the direction
of your design in case you are going to hang it up.
This way it won't be upside down.
Also place your design on the front side
leaving the area that comes in
contact with a hot pot clear.

Easy and complete, but needs some color.
So I made a water color wash using acrylic paints
and begin lightly coloring in a bit of the design
by hand painting just a few areas.
I gave her dress and apron tie a red wash and
her mixing bowl a jade color.
Brown for her hair and the vanilla bottle,
with pink for her glass.
I used a  light grey for her hand mixer.

It's a retro pattern so this gal has to cook wearing her
diamond ring created with glitter glue.
I also used a gold glitter to match the vintage rickrack
across the bottom of the design and along the book binding.
The trim still needed a bit more detail so I added
this vintage rickrack from my stash
and a vintage coat button with jute for hanging.
This is a quick project that has so many possibilities and looks
using French labels and more.

Square or round pot holders would work too.

You can either iron the graphic in place
or sew it on.
I did a little of both so it will be completely washable.
Hope you found some inspiration
to try this or create your own idea.
Thank you for stopping by.
Have a great Wednesday.

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