Sunday, November 1, 2015

Finally Fabric Designs


Finally  I have  some new fabric designs up and coming to my shop.

Through the years I have painted plenty of designs on fabric
and enjoyed the process.
This is something new done with my photos
after much editing , balance and scale.

Some of you might remember,
and some of you have asked me how this journey is coming along,
as  I've been working on bringing my designs, 
photos and styling to more surfaces.
It's been a process and I've learned a lot.
Some work just too intense to keep my attention,
and some just not worth the effort.
Some programs made me want to throw the computer right out the window
they were so difficult.

But finally this new venue is working
and I am having fun bringing the ideas 
 to fabrics and more.

Some first samples have been accomplished and on the drawing board.

I'm still working out some kinks with highlights, color depth and more,
but happy with the first samples.

This full pillow poinsettia is from a tray painting  I designed last year and done with a pillow insert and zipper.
Both sides are the same design.

Here you see a close up of the sewn in zipper.
I decided on this for the seasonal design so the pillow can be changed out after the holiday if desired.

The shabby rose style is also the same on both sides
but not with a zipper.
This one turned out a bit darker then I wanted so back to the drawer board
to redesign and lighten.
The photo looks light but it really is darker in person.

You can see here a but how the fabric is a beautiful 100% polyester broad cloth
with a nice feel and weight.

This photo shows a bit more of the darkness that I am still working on.

Consumer tags added to the edge for removal by the customer.

The Tags are inside on the zipper styles which can stay or be removed.
Fabrics are spot clean recommended.

The photo below is coming soon in a pillow and matching  50" x 60" throw.

This has been so much fun
 I'm just getting started.
Hope to offer new items in my shop in the new year.

Happy November!

See you soon!
Celestina Marie


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