Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Remembering a Special Moment in Autumn

Many years ago, in the Autumn of the year, I recall a special time and visit from my mother.
 She was always one to treat you to gifts upon a visit.

 This particular Fall season, mom was coming home from an appointment 
when she stopped along the way at a little boutique she thought looked interesting.
 Browsing all the pretties in the unique shop, 
she came upon a few apple dish pieces, 
the last ones left in the shop of that design.

 At the time, my kitchen was decorated in apples and any collectibles I could find found a place among my treasures.

The pieces mom found were an apple mug with sugar and creamer, pie plate and 2 votive cups.
 So with the loving heart she always carried, she purchased the last of the stenciled apple line in excitement to gift them to me. 
You can imagine my surprise when her gift was handed to me, wrapped so pretty, and given with a smile that always lit up a room.

I was thrilled to receive these apple treasures from my mother. 
To this day they are treasures I hold dear. 
Not because of the material value, but the sweet envision of my mother browsing the little boutique and finding a gift just for me. 
She seldom purchased something for herself.
 Always putting others first, with thoughtful and endearing ways.

I think of those special moments every Autumn season when I see a bowl of apples or browse a little boutique with a Fall display.
 She was one of God's special angels and sent to earth to teach me how to live. 
For this I always give thanks.

Today with cooler weather on the way and special moments in a very busy work week,
 I'll take the time to relax, reflect and enjoy a mug of tea or hot chocolate, cider or vanilla coffee in my special apple mug. 
Maybe I'll carve out some time to turn those apples into a pie.
I just might~~ but for sure I will remember special memories, mother and the joy of giving.

Thank you Mama, I love and miss you~

Hugs, Celestina Marie

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