Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Time sure marches on when you are busy. It seems I am absent here, more then present. Like many of you this season, I have a lot going on and constantly trying to keep the balance, which is a challenge most days. Busy in the studio, painting for the holiday keeps me on the go, but I did take some time to create a window topper that I wanted to share with you now. The idea may come in handy if you are looking to top off a window and can't seem to find just what you need to finish the look.

On the lookout for just the right fabric to top 2 large windows in a guest room and after searching with no luck, I decided to take a queen size sheet that I already had and fashion a header to top the eyelet floor length curtains in a cottage guest room.

To get this look, I cut a queen size sheet lengthwise in half giving me 3 finished edges. At this point you can finish the cut edge, but not necessary, since that side will be over the rod or window treatment holding the curtains. After I placed the sheet over the rod and adjusted the length, I began to gather in the center in loose and relaxed pleats, next I pinned in place to curtain underneath. Did the same for each end and also pinned in place. That is it. New look for just the time to pin in place.
Now, to really finish this decorating on a pinch, I will complete these by adding fabric rosettes at each gathered area. Either in a coordinating fabric or using more of the sheet design from the fitted sheet.

Recently my neighborhood had garage sales days and I found some great treasures. Here are a few, with more to share later.

New designs from the studio. Canvas and graphics with embellished edges. I have Christmas canvas paintings in the same style coming to my ebay shoppe soon.

Lots of new paintings are scattered throughout my studio, and I have to say, I am having a lot of fun this season with new ideas and creations.
Cooler weather has finally arrived and very welcome. As always, thank you for stopping by to visit. I look forward to visiting too as the week continues. Till then, Blessings always, Celestina

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Thursday, October 9, 2008


Since I was diagnosed with a wheat intolerance about 8 months ago, dinner can be a challenge, since most everything contains wheat. However, with some research and gathering lots of information for available products, I have made the transition to wheat free, gluten free very well. Many of my old recipes can be changed to accommodate wheat free products that I find at my local Sprouts Grocery Store. Even baked goods offer a wide range of products. In fact, the pumpkin cookies I shared for the tea party birthday post was actually a sugar cookie mix all natural and wheat free, gluten free.

This recipe, "Straw and Hay" is an old favorite from the book, Quick Cook by Southern Living 1986. I simply substituted the pasta for gluten free and the rest is the same. Add a tossed salad and you have a very delicious and great fall season comfort food dish.
I have made this for company many times and it always is a hit. Thought I would share it for you to try.


You can use light whipping creme instead of the regular creme and double the noodles to replace the spinach noodles if you prefer. Whether you make this as stated in the recipe or gluten free, it tastes the same. Delicious!

Sharing a few new pretties from the studio.
This first is called "Keepsake Cottage" and it is a design I did several years ago. This time I adapted it to the wonderful wood box I found a couple months ago on a treasure hunt. It can hold lots of special treasures and will be available closer to Christmas in my ebay shop.

This next treasure is called "Nested Bowl" hand painted on an old silverplate bowl with lid.

Lastly, I designed this rose on canvas called "Mother's Window Rose" in honor of my mom. When I took care of her in my home, while she was very sick, I planted a rose vine outside her bedroom window so she could enjoy the pink roses she loved so much. This is the original and will be offered in prints soon in my etsy shop and also ebay.

Thank you for stopping by today and I hope to see you again soon. Till next time, Blessings and Blue Skies~ Celestina

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


For Jan from Jan and Tom's Place HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAN!! Today we are gathering to celebrate Jan's birthday with a tea party in her honor. I have been absent for 2 weeks, but just had to be here for Jan's special day. I have set a buffet with tea and cookies to share and remember to click here to visit more tea parties for Jan's special day.


This tea set is part of my blue willow dishes that has been in my family for over 65 years. It was passed to me and I love, cherish and enjoy having tea from these vintage cups and saucers. The setting is in my dining room and arranged among fall leaves.

The sugar cookies sprinkled with little candy pumpkins, are actually gluten free, wheat free cookies that I baked for today. They are delicious and iced with my favorite cookie icing recipe.
To share a few more tea sets, I have included the following pictures from around my home. This set is also very old and been in my family for more years then I can remember. Long before I was born, my mother and grandmother both enjoyed it and now I have this set displayed in my dining room.

This golden tea set is from Italy and was my grandmothers and passed to me when I moved to Texas. It graces my china cabinet.

The next few tea pots are from my toile collection and displayed in my art studio.

For our little girl guests ~~ I have set out my newest mini tea set that I found on a recent treasure hunt. It had the tray included and was a joy to design and paint.

And of course the little ones need a cup and saucer too, so I painted this sweet 4 piece set just for them.

This beautiful tea pot is one that I cherish very much as it was a gift from my secret pal at church nearly 30 years ago. I display this with the sweet blue and white cup and saucer in a guest room.

Our tea party has nearly come to an end and I am so happy you could join me today in having tea and wishing Jan a beautiful birthday. She is such a dear and special person and her blog is truly lovely. Be sure to click on the link above to visit Jan and also the others joining the tea party today.
As I say so long for now, I will share with you, in keeping with our theme, some new teacup ornaments I designed a few months ago and cut from wood.
Till next time, thank you for stopping by, Happy Birthday to Jan and Blessings to you and yours always. Celestina

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