Friday, July 31, 2015

Hibiscus Summer Giveaway

Hi Friends
I realized it has been a while since I had a giveaway
and it's about time.

You are all such dear blogging friends
and to thank you for the many visits, following and friendship,
I want to give away a few little creations from my studio and shop.

Just for you is a vintage enamelware bowl pan with my pretty Hibiscus flower
painted in the bowl area surrounded by white checks along the edge.

Perfect for a little  display or filled with a few little bathroom accents.

Love all the distress on the back and here you can see the shape a bit better for the bowl.

The edge is a dark navy blue so it can compliment with blue and white collections.

Next along with the enamelware I have a sweet little wooden French box.
I've added a neutral stripe with a French ad graphic and tied with black lace and button trim.

Here's a better look at the lid.

Wait, what's inside? oh another little treasure just for you.
Let's take a look!

Ah yes, this sweet cordon blue tart pan from France with my painting 
of the French country side.
Just a tiny little accent to add on a shelf or along with a kitchen collection.

I hope to send these little thank you gifts and probably a few more surprises off to someone soon.

The drawing will be Friday August 7th, 2015
and posted Saturday August 8th.

All you have to do to participate is,
leave a comment on this post,
be a follower or a new one
tell me if you planted Hibiscus this season.
That's it!!
Good Luck.
The drawing will be pulled the old fashion way,
out of a cowboy hat by my guy.

Thank you for joining in.


As a special note.
I think I finally found the answer to my comments not arriving to your inbox
when I visit you.
First off, google doesn't like a yahoo email address 
and due to my business, 
I'm not changing it.

for my comments to reach your inbox,
I had to change settings to a no-reply comment.

I know, you can't reply to me, but at least now you know I was there to visit.
Many still have dozens of comments on their dashboard to moderate and publish
they just don't realize they are there.

Also most of you have my email address anyway 
so if you really need to send a reply
that still works fine.

Hope this helps clear up some of the glitch issues for anyone else
having the same trouble.
Better days ahead I hope after nearly 2 years struggling with this blogspot glitch.

I'll be away from my desk a few days
so thank you for stopping by and I will catch up with you 
Monday to visit.

Happy August.

p.s. stopping in while gone to say,
this giveaway is open to all my international friends too.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Good Fences

Hi Friends
Welcome to another Thursday and 

Last week I shared with you a few ranch entry gates and fences.

This week I'd like to show you one of the ranch properties
as we drive past the gate and circle around the sprawling grounds.

We drive through the open gate to begin our tour.
The fence runs through the property all around the ranch house and public buildings
for seasonal and yearly functions.

The view is beautiful and not a cloud in the sky.
Notice the old ranch wagon to the right.

We see a horse or two out in the pasture grazing along with the white geese.
Rolling waves of grass and split rail fences.

Past an area for a picnic by the water.

Circling around we come back to the road that takes us back to the entry.

As we leave the ranch, another X fence is graced by 
the American Flag and the Texas Flag.
Waving goodbye to us as we go on our way.

Thank you for taking the drive around this ranch with me.

See you next time with more good fences.

Enjoy the last couple days of July.

Stop back tomorrow for my blog giveaway and chance to win.



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Monday, July 27, 2015

Beaching it in the Backyard!!

Here in Texas~

we're in a heat wave like most of the country.

If you're outside at all,
being in the water, is the only way to stay cool.

Come join me for a day in  my backyard beach.

We can sit here and enjoy the sunshine and part shade under the tree.

Mr Sunshine will greet us with a pleasant smile.

We can look for shells here on Stoney Beach.

Mixed with the stones and glittery blue rocks, pretty shells we can collect.

Shells of different types and shapes are waiting for us to find.

We can place our cold drink on this birdbath table I created using
a round glass top over the top filled with shells.
My hubby added a small light inside the birdbath and it has a warm glow in the evening.

We can go for a swim in the blue water.
Charlie Tuna is there to float by and give us a smile.

The bubble fountain will soon be spilling over and the sound will be refreshing.

Near by Mr. Frog sits on the red bike and watches over the fun.

As the palm tree sways, we can enjoy the day.

Thank you for stopping by my backyard beach.
I hope you are enjoying the last days of July and staying cool.

See you next week!
Celestina Marie

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Outdoor Living

One of the most peaceful and enjoyable times
for myself and family
are spent outdoors.

Of course when the temps are not 100 degrees plus.
Here in Texas we are in the triple digits heat index and it is 

But that did not stop me from doing a little sprucing up for the back patio.
I call this the outdoor living room.
When the temps cooperate, we spend a lot of time here
enjoying the garden and being together with family and friends.
Ready to sit back and enjoy a cold drink~

Read a good design book~
Or try and stay cool under the fan my guy added.
Boy does this help move the air when it's a scorcher!

This season I added some pretty pillows for the sofa found at Lowe's end of the season sale.

To the  side chair, I just turned a flag pillow around to the red side.
I love to add a throw.
It's not needed now, but the decorator in me has to have it.
You get that, right??

This old wood burner has moved around with us from house to house 
through the years in our job transfers.
The movers were never happy with me.
It weighs a ton!!
And twice, came out of the basement.

We added a shelf above to display a few accents that I change up seasonally.
The garden word block was a flea market find.

This lantern holds a faux timer candle that comes on each evening at the same time each day.
I love these timer candles and use them all around my home.

The wire basket was a two for one sale from Michael's late in the spring.
I popped in three fern like faux pots.
In the past I always had real plants here, but  from watering and dampness,
I'd have to repaint each year.
Finally (I got smart)  decided a faux grouping works better 
and they stay nice and pretty in the heat.
The 2 outdoor floor lamps got an upgrade too 
by wrapping the shades in burlap ribbon.
It makes a soft night time glow and easy to change out if needed.

On each side of the window I added these battery operated sconces.
They turn on and off from a little switch at the bottom.

My Golden always stands close by to greet us.
This garden dog was a gift from my guy last year.
We raised 4 Golden Retrievers and this precious statue represents them all.
The table near by is ready for outdoor dinners.
To the table top, I added 2 left over floor tiles from my kitchen redo.
It helps pull the look together with the stained patio floor.

So that's it for the outdoor living room.
Sorry for the sunny glare in the window.

The Fleur De Lis box under the coffee table
is my dad's old tool box.
It's ready to hold books and magazines sunscreen and more.
He had painted it blue ~ and the distress is the real deal from years of use.
I left it just like it was except that I added a little stencil to the sides and the phrase.
Dad would understand me doing that.

Just a few subtle changes with decor and accents bring a new look.
I'll be back next time to share my outdoor stone and shell beach.

Till then, you can find me here when I'm not creating.

Enjoy the last days of July!

Stay cool and have a nice weekend!


Also, just want to thank everyone for your kind comments on my guys
new home office space below. 
He enjoyed reading your thoughts and comments.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Good Fences

Hi Friends,
Here we are, another Thursday 
and it's time

Today I thought I'd share a few ranch entrances 
just down the road from my home.
Beautiful country side settings with the convenience of the city.

Flags flying high!

Bright Blue Texas Skies

Large sprawling ranch with hay bales here and there.

All three ranches right off the same road.

All different but so pretty and well groomed.

Thanks for stopping by the neighboring ranch entrances.

See you next time
with more decor to share outdoors.


Also, thank you for the kind words on my guys new home office.
He enjoyed reading your comments!

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