Thursday, June 19, 2008


Is it mantle or mantel? How do you spell your mantel/mantle? I think last year there was a blog post (can't remember who it was now) that also raised this question. Kari and Kijsa have researched this and discovered that either way mantle/mantel is spelled, it is appropriate. Today Kari and Kijsa are sharing how we display and accent our mantels. Stop over to their blog and join the fun of viewing mantels and visit the links to many more lovely blogs.

I have a few ways of decorating my mantels in both my living room and library.
Since I have a mix of Tuscan and Cottage style in my home, I have shown 2 mantels changed with different looks, just by changing the decor placed on them.

This first look I call " Even Steven" when everything is the same size and balanced side to side. It is a uniform look and just brings the eye across the mantel at an even place. Pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

This design is Asymmetrical, and one I prefer because it has more interest and unpredictable. Pulling the candle holders to one side at different levels brings the balance to the display. Look at the picture. What small change should be made with the candles holders? Do you see it? Placing the lower one to the outside would bring better placement and balance out the rose platter on the other side.

This next display is completely off set with the flower arrangement to the left. This makes the side heavy, so by adding the black candle sticks opposite, the display gives balance and width by laying one candle stick on is side. Notice the framed wall picture is the same in all three examples.

Now for this one, I have hung a large round clock and scattered the accessories across the mantel for interest. Notice the bird house is raised on a box to balance out the yarrow in the vase on the opposite side. Keeping with a bird theme, I have added a few stone birds at different heights, textures and color.

These next few examples are from my library fireplace. This is a small mantel in a room that has a cozy cottage feel with lots of books and a display of blue and white collections.
The first picture shows handmade doilies of the same design but different sizes made by my grandmother. The painting is a Thomas Kinkade painting done from a puzzle and framed. It looks like the real thing!

On this change, I left the doilies, and placed the books on end with the pitcher of roses in the bowl for a book end.

Next, I gave this display a look with clean lines and less accents. Kept the books and added a bit of whimsy with my sweet golden retriever figurine.

In this last photo, I took away the lamp, added the flowers and tea set for yet another look in the cottage feel.

Books of inspiration!

This last picture is my Tuscan country side scene I designed and painted a few years ago on an old oval tray.

Thank you for visiting mantle vs mantel. Remember to stop over at Kari and Kijsa's to view their mantels and also visit other blogs for more mantel displays.
Till next time, Blessings, Celestina

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