Thursday, April 22, 2010

Knock Out, One Year!

It is hard to believe that one year has already passed since my dear best guy planted my pink Knock Out Roses in front of my studio. My how they have grown and filled in the area so nicely. Do you remember I wrote a little poem when he planted them for me? It went something like this~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Love's Roses
Outside my art shoppe window~
sweet roses I do see.
Planted by my dear love one~
especially for me.

He chose the spot directly~
by love for sun's delight.
With blessings only they can offer~
through petals pink and bright.

When inspiration I am seeking~
I only have to see~
Outside my art shoppe window~
Sweet roses bloom for me.
(c)CMD 3/29/09

Here are the new pics of my gorgeous roses. I can view these everyday while working in the studio, which are the windows you see here.

I also picked my first bouquet of roses from my garden yesterday. They are gorgeous bright colors. I had some fun with my photoscape and created a painting from the pic.

It has been a very busy time in the studio this season and I am loving every minute of it. Here is a few pics of the new treasures nearly ready for my shoppe. Ending with a little mosaic of pics which includes a little pic of a dress shop I found over the weekend in Boerne, Texas with my name for the shoppe. I also saw a pink Corvette and my best guy snapped a pic for me while in the shop.


I hope you have a great weekend and enjoying the warmer weather. See you again soon with details for my Spring Giveaway!
Smiles, Celestina Marie

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

First Blooms of Spring!

Welcome friends to my garden. This year we are a little late with the first blooms. We had such a long cold winter here in Texas and mother nature decided to nap a bit longer, but the wait was so worth it for the showing we now can enjoy. I took a little walk around my garden after many hours of work and many more yet to go, but the first blooms are always special and I wanted to share them with you. The above pic is my front door. Not exactly real hydrangeas, but I made this arrangement to greet and bring a little color to the entrance.

Lastly, the vintage window I designed last Spring, made it through the long winter left outside. I gave it some help with the faux hydrangeas in the flower box. The real hydrangea garden is located underneath the flower box.
Thank you for stopping by and taking a little walk with me for a look at the first blooms of Spring. As you might imagine I am spending many happy hours in the studio and creating away to bring many new items to my little boutique on etsy. Lots more to share next week when I complete the projects I am working on. Till then, enjoy the weekend and Happy Spring.
p.s. in one of the pics there is a little fly enjoying the nectar of a flower. I have it marked, although small. Can you find where it is?
Hugs, Celestina Marie

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's New from La Studio!

Since Spring is finally here, I am so busy in the studio working many hours to create new items for my shoppe. It has been such a fun time and I have many new treasures on the way, but I wanted to share with you a few that have already arrived HERE
This season I have found a few small furniture and decor pieces to design like pedestal tables or tea tables, bread boxes (something I get requests for often) and small wall shelves. These are in the works right now and on the way soon.
Many vintage rose spoons are also included in this new group and a few cherry spoons too. I often miss the days of redesigning the large furniture treasures that I did so much of, but find the shipping and handling just too much on line these days to continue the larger pieces. I hope to paint a few local pieces though and I will share those here, when I do design them. But for now, it is back in my studio world and creating the smaller items that help make a cottage home your own. I hope you can join me to view of few of my new pretties.

Also, Market Monday started yesterday and will run all week long. You can visit my shoppe and other great shoppes by clicking on the graphic on my side bar to the right. There you will find a list of shoppes that carry many gorgeous items you are sure to love. This will be featured the first Monday of every month and go on all week.

Another source is the Cottage Friends Emporium, also on my side bar in a graphic. This site includes my shoppe along with many others who are apart of the top 100 shoppes on line. This is sponsored by a private group from Etsy Cottage Style.(please note, this is not affiliated with the Etsy site) So lots of sources for your Springtime shopping.

Here are a few of the items I have been creating.

Have fun and till next time,Blessings and Blue Skies,
Celestina Marie

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