Saturday, February 9, 2008


WOW! My dear friend Lorri surprised me the other day with a special gift for my birthday. She is a beautiful decorative artist and hand painted this gorgeous keepsake box with a beautiful lilly. We share only a few days between our birthdays the end of Feb. and the first of March. I was going to wait to open the pretty package on the 28th, which is my day, but, I could not stand it, I had to open it early.

This gorgeous box is basecoated in a rich soft black finish and accented with an elegant lilly hand painted on the lid. The colors are rich and beautiful. Her shading and placement is just perfect and I just love it.

Boxes are something I love anyway, so this one is very special. I decided to fill this treasure with vintage gloves that belonged to my mother and grandmother.

Lorri ,if you visit here, I love this my friend and will cherish it always. Thank you so much.

Now, I opened the gift early, but, I am not moving the age up any earlier then I have too. LOL

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