Friday, May 30, 2008


We've had a lot of rain here in the Lone Star State, and it really helps, because before long, we will be wishing for rain to quench the thirst of our pretty gardens.
It has already hit temps in the 80's and 90's with today predicted to reach near 100 degrees. Last weekend, I took a garden stroll to visit my arty garden friends and flowers. Everything is in bloom and enjoying the spring rains. With camera in hand, I took some pictures to share with you. Please ya'll come join me in my Texas garden!

Mister Jeans~ isn't this the cutest garden frog? My Mother designed him many years ago and he sits in my garden among the bushes on an old chair to greet anyone who walks by.

I like to take old pots or other interesting containers to plant in. This old pot holds red begonias.

This large archway is home to a thornless Carolina Yellow Mini Rose. It did not bloom this season. Sometimes it skips a spring. Right next to this is our monster Southern Magnolia Tree. It is loaded with buds. I hope to get some pictures soon when it really starts to bloom. Below you can see how large it is by looking at the garden chairs in front.

It's 80 degrees! Miss Beazy has her eye on the water! I know she is ready for a swim. Okay here she goes! Fetching, her favorite play day in the pool!

My new addition, a French cottage garden bike. Looks like my frog friend found a seat to watch the day go by! The white gardenias are in bloom for the first time since I planted them two years ago. So excited!!

Sweet momma bunny and her 3 little babies. This treasure was a gift from my dear hubby 17 years ago. Made from ceramic and hand painted, the bunnies look so real and guests have stopped many times in surprize!

Well, that's all friends. So happy you could visit some of my garden and take a walk with me. Think I'll sit back in the sun on this big rock and rest awhile. See you again soon!
Blessings always, Celestina

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