Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Remembering a Great Artist

Welcome Friends to a remembrance over tea. As you might have heard, the beloved and talented artist Thomas Kinkade passed away on GOOD FRIDAY at home of natural causes at the age of 54. It is a huge loss to the artistic community.For me, I was greatly inspired by his beautiful work and style. I love the warm glowing cottages and Light Houses he painted making simple strokes bring life to the canvas.Today, only 4 days later after his death, I am joining tea time to share my teapot and cups with "Home is Where the Heart Is" painting.
I have shared this set before, but it is lovely to view again as I read through several books I also have from Thomas Kinkade. Yes, he also wrote many books about his works sharing the many paintings he designed on canvas, plates and other surfaces that are true collector treasures.
He also wrote a series of novel stories of which I have read all. These spirit filled stories take place on the east coast in a small town called Cape Light.
Another favorite of mine is a wonderful cookbook that shares favorite recipes from Mr. Kinkade created in the book around his beautiful paintings and seasons throughout the year.
One of my favorite pieces is this gorgeous candle holder in cottage ivory with a painting of another lighthouse. Around the rim of the ceramic is cutout feet to reflect God walking with us as we go through our journeys. I love this piece.
This large tea or coffee mug was a gift from my dear hubby. I have enjoyed it many years.
One Christmas, our son made this gorgeous puzzle created from a canvas work of Thomas Kinkaid. He completed the piece, had it framed, and it looks like the large real canvas which would have cost thousands. This was a way to have a beautiful treasure hang over our family room fireplace and it is very special and means so much coming from our son.
Thank you for stopping by for a cup of tea with me as I remember this wonderful artist renowned for his works in our modern time. Thomas Kinkade was once asked why he places light in all his designs on canvas. He answered by saying how he grew up in a single parent home and each day after school, came home to a dark and empty house. When he begin his painting career, he was determined to make the glow of warmth and light come from all the cottages through the windows, lighthouses and scenes he would create to reflect the love and warmth of home and someone there to greet you.I heard another artist say once, that inspiration is for amatures, that as an artist we should just show up and get to work. Well, I am off to my studio to show up and get to work. I am sure that Thomas Kinkade showed up for work everyday and will continue to encourage the warmth of home and heart through his creations for years to come.He will be greatly missed.But I know he is at home now with the Lord. Today I join the talented blogger, Sandi of Rose Chintz Cottage as she hosts tea time. Please stop by and visit her and the many others who also participate.
Blessings, Celestina Marie

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