Monday, August 23, 2010

Vintage Alphabet From Etsy Cottage Style, Brings you the letters, N and O

Welcome to this weeks Vintage Alphabet Party from Etsy Cottage Style, bringing you the letters N and O. Take a moment and visit the participants to see the many vintage treasures in this catagory today and all week long.

Now this was a bit of a challenge, but I did find a few treasures among my vintage.

First for the N's I have to present, Necklaces and Neck Scarves

The first necklace is a black onyx and marcasite necklace from 1930. It was given to me by my mother in law and belonged to Mr. B Guy's grandmother. It is just the most beautiful vintage piece.

This next one is from the 40's and was my mother's. It is sterling silver chain link with clear rhinestones. It is a stunning piece with lots of bling.
I do not wear these necklaces, but do display them on a wire dress form with a vintage neck scarf.

The next two Neck Scarfs are from and made in Italy. They are gorgeous silk fabrics with pics of historical buildings around the Vatican. These were gifts from a dear best friend of my grandmothers in the 50's. I use them to decorate and display under table centerpieces. The colors are gorgeous.

Moving on to the letter O was another challenge, so I thought since I presented jewelry for the letter N, I would share my O and show you a vintage opal ring. Not sure when this ring dates too, but my dear Best Guy found it for me in 1975. It was a 2nd anniversary gift. The fire in the opal is so much prettier in person. It is not my birthstone, but a pretty collector piece. I still wear it today and also use it for a scarf ring.

Lastly for my O's I have to share my favorite treasure which is my Oak kitchen table from the late 1800's. Still sturdy and strong like the great Oak it originates from, I cherish this set dearly. The top has long been painted with my vintage fruit design to complete my tuscan villa style kitchen. The bottom is a pedestal style and has gorgeous details in the wood.

Thank you for stopping by today. Remember to visit ECS to enjoy other vintage treasures presented all week long.

Till next time, I will leave you with a pretty bouquet from my garden of hydrangeas and roses in a sweet vintage vase.

Have a wonderful August day, and always, blessing be yours!
Celestina Marie

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