Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anniversary Memories!

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38th Wedding Anniversary! Thank you Friends Giveaway

There is something very special about being married to your best friend for 38 years. Yes, 38 years! The time has flown by and my Dear Hubby, who I refer to as my Best Guy, and I have been on an amazing adventure. Through life's ups and downs we have endured with the help of our faith in God and much love. Our journey has taken us across the country to make our home many times, and with each new adventure we have learned more about the meaning of marriage, family and friendship.

We have seen each other through child raising, career paths, family sickness, death, and the daily routines that go along with sharing your life with that special someone. But it is here, that I must mention, my thanks for putting up with all the decorating!! My beloved has supported all my ideas in interior design with each and every home we have been blessed to own. And, the wonderful support of my business venture over the past 30 plus years. Painting and design in the decorative arts, late nights of working, lots of treasure hunting and all those quick dinners
without complaint. For all this and more, I am so thankful.

Of course my thanksgiving does not stop there. It is in my deepest and cherished thoughts, that I know, God gave me a special gift when he blessed me with this wonderful man. His talents are many, his dedication to family and friends incomparable and his love for the Lord all abiding! But it is when I see him kneel to pray, I fall in love all over again. So, to 38 years and counting, I dedicate this post to my sweetheart.
Our Wedding Day, August 11th 1973

Today, 2011

Thank you honey for 38 wondeful years. Happy Anniversary!
I Love You, Celestina Marie

Thank you for stopping by and a revisit to my anniversary post. The words still ring true and so I share them once again.
We are enjoying a few days off, so I will not be around to visit until my return to the studio. Till then, stay cool and many blessings be yours.

In honor of my anniversary and to say thank you to all my blogging friends for your friendship, visits and comments, I invite you to enter my giveaway by clicking HERE to read all about it. Any comment on any post since that one will be counted towards another entry. Any new following, will count too. The drawing from the pink cowgirl hat will be August 19th so Good Luck!
Thank you for the birthday wishes to my son and anniversary wishes to us.

Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie

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