Monday, April 13, 2015

Adding One More Thing

Hi Friends.

When I shared my dining room changes
I told you I was working on one last thing to finish the look.

One last thing that would bring out the aqua of the curtains
and a little accent to complete the room.

Now look over to the left.
See the vintage white chair?

 I know, I should remember to take the before pic.
I always forget that when painting!!
One day I'll learn I suppose~~

I also shared with you this seat cushion.

Love the colors and this was my inspiration for the room for that white chair.

When I shared that post, many of you thought I made the curtains and chair pad.

Well I can't take credit for them as I found these at World Market.
But I have to say, if not for the discount, coupon and the fabric I was really looking for,
I would not have purchased these.

First off, they are not sewn right.
The side hems are not sewn down to the lining
 and so they will not hang right at the bottoms and each side end.

I guess the manufacture wanted to take a short cut on the sewing.

Anyway to correct the problem.
I went to the local fishing store and purchased fishing line weights.
These are about 4 oz.each and I added 12 for 6 panels.

 Next I placed one on each side of a panel
to the hemline.

These could be sewn in place using the circles for the fishing line
but I just simply tucked them in the hem.
You don't see them in the hem and the weight helps them hang correctly.

Now they hang much better
 and the weights give the ends a nice straight appearance when closed or open.

Okay, moving on to the reason for this post.

Here is the~
One More Thing.

The white chair got a coat of
Chalk paint, stenciled numbers and distress.

I used the chalk paint named Escape by
Americana Decor.
It's like a brighter aqua.
Somewhat bright for me, but after a little sanding it toned down.

The color was perfect with the aqua in the curtains.
I lightly sanded the edges adding distress 
and gave the entire chair a coat of soft satin varnish 
and buffed with a soft waxing brush.


Just that pop of color with the black and blue 
brings out the accent color I've used throughout the room.

To see the complete change up
you can visit that post HERE.


Another "to do" 
marked off the spring list!!

What would I do without my lists?
Do you make a "to do" list with the seasons?

Thank you for stopping by.

Next time I'll share another paint project!

Have a wonderful day and see you again soon.

Celestina Marie


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