Thursday, October 29, 2015

Good Fences


The weeks are flying by aren't they? 
In a few days, we will see November.

The rains stopped for a few days
giving us just a bit of time to catch up around the house with yard work.

The rain has been wonderful
but sad for those with the challenge of high waters and flooding.

Even our many Texas fences can't help keep the waters from overflowing.

On a recent treasure hunt,
I came across a beautiful roadway fence
on our way to a favorite junkin spot.

Beautiful iron with details and Texas stars.

The lamps make it look so vintage.
I suppose the town hangs seasonal flags from the lamp post arms.
I'm sure I'll be back to see during the holidays!

It's amazing the fences I notice now for Good Fences!

As many times as I've traveled here.
The road fence just blended into the scenery.

This gazebo is a special spot at our destination across from the shops.
It too had a beautiful fence rail all around the platform.

Southern DayDreams was playing on the Plaza billboard. 
I guess they knew I was coming to shop!!

Happy Good Fences!!

See you next time.

Happy Halloween!


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