Sunday, June 19, 2011

Faithful Followers and Father's

Happy Father's Day and all good wishes for a special day blessed with time to enjoy, relax and reflect.

This day has me missing my own dear Father, but I know he is safe in the arms of our Lord and I can forever hold close his wonderful memory. God Blessed me, not only with a dear devoted dad, but a wonderful beloved husband, who is an excellent father as well. To this day, I gives thanks to the two hero's in my life. First my Father and then my hubby who I so loving refer to as, My Best Guy!

Best Friends my dad and I, right from the start.

Sharing a laugh and fun times.

Our Christmas holiday tradition to visit Santa together.

Always working on a project for our home.

Retiring after 33 years with the Ford Motor Company.

Teaching his grandson, my son, how to do some wood working.

Just as My Best Guy has always worked and built our life and home.

Sacrificing to go back to college while working, raising our family and graduating with two degrees.

And a proud and faithful Father when our son graduated from college.

Just as my dad was so proud of him and the wonderful way he has always taken care of our family.

With all made possible by the grace of God and HIS prayerful direction. Two wonderful men blessed from above to be Fathers and Faithful Followers of God.

The above picture is December 1997, our last picture together with my dad. He would pass away 10 months later, my dear mother only 22 months longer. Life changed completely from that point on, but the love and learning's will stay with us forever, as we are so thankful for the memories that sustain us, till we all meet again.
Happy Father's Day to the great men in my life and to the greats in yours.

Blessings and Blue Skies Always,
Love, Celestina Marie

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