Monday, July 11, 2011

Restful Cottage and Cup for Tea Time Tuesday

Welcome to my little cottage in the west.

When I view upon this gorgeous needlepoint, it makes me think of my own home. Not sure why, my cottage really doesn't look like this, but it does feel the way the needlework looks. Does this make sense? A cozy and inviting nest where my family can relax and enjoy the blessings God has given us. Like a comforting cup of tea in a cup from a dear friend.

This beautiful cup and saucer is not only the vessel for my occasional restful tea, but a master bedroom display with my black and white chintz teapot. I place them here when not in use, on a gorgeous vintage black tray atop my vintage Lane Cedar Chest that once belonged to my dear Mother.

Adding to the room in this way~

Getting back to the dear cup and saucer.

The sweetest of details around the cup rim and saucer.

Teamed up with this Cloisonne and brass spoon I found a few years ago.

Cup and saucer markings~

To love a black and white rose chintz tea pot. Perfect in a toile room.

Tea pot markings~

My napkin of lace is held by a little china bird from a set of napkins rings given to me by a dear friend many years ago for a wedding shower gift. They have traveled with me many times and held many napkins in many a cottage we called home.

So as I cozy up with a cup of tea in a restful teacup, I will enjoy the pages of Romantic Homes Magazine and dream~~

Of cozy cottages, restful teas and many blessings.

This beautiful needle point cottage hangs in the room I share today. I found it at a yard sale nearly 10 years ago. It was unfinished around the edging and they said was made by an elderly lady who passed away before it's completion.

It was just thrown aside with a tag of 10 cents. It broke my heart to know this. So home it came with me. I took it to my framer and she lovingly turned over the ends, framed the piece to my choosing and it now hangs on my wall in my master bedroom. In my prayers, I asked our Lord to tell the little lady, her work is gorgeous, it's finished and will forever be loved and cherished.

May you enjoy a restful summer's tea Tuesday.
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Celestina Marie

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